Zhejiang University Students Develop "Online Shopping Dressing Robot"

Buying clothes online is most afraid of the size is not suitable, wearing is not fit, want to retreat and afraid of trouble. Yesterday, at the Zhejiang University Industrial Design Graduation Exhibition, a “fitting robot” developed by a student team could solve this problem –

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"Fitting robot"

First, the store has a robot like this. If you look at a piece of clothing, report your measurements to the store. After the data is entered into the computer, the "fitting robot" will be deformed and become the same person as your body. The store will put the clothes you selected on the robot, and then use the high-definition photos and videos to show you the effect of the "robot" after wearing the clothes. How? It’s hard to think about it.

The industrial design graduation exhibition of “Fitting Machine Robot” is located in the exhibition hall on the second floor of Crescent Building in Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University. There are many fun things in the graduation exhibition. The exhibition will end on June 7th, and interested readers can go. Have a look.

Can be transformed into a male

Can also be turned into a beer belly

At the graduation exhibition site, the “fitting robot” is the most popular because it looks very special.

It is about 1.5 meters tall and currently has only upper body and no legs. The robot casing consists of 12 large blocks, the front part is the right front chest, the left front chest, the right front waist, the left front waist, the right front hip, and the left front hip. The latter is also the corresponding 6 parts.

Its gender is "male."

The staff is very enthusiastic and demonstrates the “transformation” of the robot. Before fitting, you need to enter the measurements.

I reported a three-dimensional data: chest circumference 96 cm, waist circumference 82 cm, hip circumference 96 cm. After inputting the data, the robot's 12 shells immediately moved. After three or five seconds, a well-proportioned man showed up. Put a medium blue sweater on the robot, just fit! After reading it, I really want to buy it.

The staff continues to change the data. Slowly increase the waist circumference data. At this time, the waist and abdomen of the blue sweater bulged. After a while, a man with a big beer belly appeared, and the clothes appeared small.

Once again, change the bust of the "fitting robot". As the bust increases, a strong man image appears. The blue sweater was pitifully extended to the extreme and the zipper was stretched out.

There is currently no lady version

Looking around the "fitting robot", many are girls, some are talking in a whisper, how can only the boys version?

The staff explained that the girls’ version of the robot was not developed because of the complexity of the construction. Continue to improve in the future, will launch a girl version, after all, the main force of online shopping clothes is girls.

Zhou Aobo, a design innovation class at Zhejiang University, said that the “fitting robot” was developed by seven people in their team for more than two months. The goal is to let the robot tell you if the clothes on the Internet are comfortable to wear.

Inside the casing, there are various small precision motors and connecting devices. Some parts are bought. Most of the connecting devices are made with 3D printing technology to ensure accuracy. The outer casing is handmade by the students. The fitting machine is connected to the processor via a data line.

Zhou said that this is just the embryonic form. It must be put into formal use and further improved. For example, they are considering setting a movable outer shell on the shoulders so that they can see whether the clothes and shoulders are suitable during fitting. It will also be more precise and beautiful, instead of being bare and the parts are handmade.

other works

Multi-function mask

The versatile mask is designed to be sci-fi.

The designer's classmate said that this multi-function mask has an ion channel that can effectively purify the air and prevent dust. With the smartphone, the user can also know the surrounding PM2.5 value, his breathing rate, heart rate and so on.

Blind cane

The bottom of the blind cane is a large orange wheel. There are two pairs of eyes on the cane, this is an ultrasound detector. There is a block area on the handle of the cane with 16 contacts on it, which is to remind the blind people of the road.

Send a scented text message

The scent SMS is a very romantic design. The designer said that now everyone uses language, text or images to send information, and the scent SMS can smell and express their emotions. For example, happy information, the machine will emit the scent of lavender. When it is sad, the machine will give the sour taste of fruit vinegar.

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