Xi'an Jiaotong University: Digital Welcome System for Service Life Cycle

The digital welcome service of Xi'an Jiaotong University has been under construction since 2007. It has taken the lead in integrating the digital welcome system, campus card system and digital campus platform. The system adopts a loosely coupled structure to realize the reorganization of large-scale cross-departmental business processes, coordinating the various departments to welcome new business, and providing the finance department, student office, public security department, school hospital, logistics office, campus card management center, and various colleges and other units on the new front. The unified working platform realizes the high consistency and sharing of data, and basically realizes the registration report of “zero error, high efficiency and no paper”. The orientation time has been shortened from two weeks to two days, and service efficiency has improved significantly.

In the continuous upgrading and transformation of many years, the orientation business will be expanded. On the one hand, when the students receive the acceptance letter, they will start electronic pre-registration and start the campus life journey. Open the first virtual door to the school for the new students in advance. On the other hand, it extends backwards, pays attention to the life cycle management and service of students during their studies, and records the registration of each semester until the students graduate.

At present, the digital welcome and related systems of Xi'an Jiaotong University are based on the student's life cycle service, covering core pre-registration, on-site registration, semester registration, electronic departure and other core services, as well as instant messaging, message push and other services. For active push, improve the user experience.

Overall structure

The business data of each business in the orientation is concentrated in a unified central database. All departments related to the orientation are working on the same platform and the same data source. The use of barcodes and RFID technology ensures timely, accurate and rapid transmission of information, and avoids Information asymmetry, information contradictions and other issues. It greatly simplifies all kinds of filling and confirming links, and completes the filling, payment, information collection, physical examination, registration, etc., which need to be completed for a long time in the traditional orientation work, to be completed within two days, which improves the efficiency of on-site office work.

The main functions of the digital welcome system are shown in Figure 1. After being admitted, a freshman can be counted as a member of the school and can start his own life cycle. The electronic pre-registration business can be completed first, including:

1. Visit the Welcome website to learn about the welcome information, procedures, policies, query the campus map, and experience the campus scene; at the same time, activate the unified identity authentication account--NetID, get the school e-mail, and have the electronic ID of the school with the lifetime;

2. Improve personal electronic files and reserve basic information for the study and life after entering the school;

3. Apply for the dormitory independently, and the dormitory allocation can be inquired on the Welcome website;

4. Choose to apply for the green channel to delay payment or pay the tuition fee. The green channel application and payment of the arrears can also be queried on the Welcome website;

5. Use the instant messaging system - Dolphin IM, to know the roommates, classmates, and fellows in advance through the "Mobile Shake" feature.

Students can use the “step-by-step” function provided by Dolphin IM for new students on their way to and from school. They can obtain geographically-based reporting guidelines to facilitate planning and reporting.

Upon arrival at the school, the freshmen will check the progress timeline at any time through Yingxin.com, and need to handle the matter and contact the teacher. The “Welcome Registration System” provides consistent sharing information and collaborative work platforms for all organizations, providing a richer and more flexible comprehensive query, statistical analysis function and student registration registration function for college and department administrators.

Students are also required to use the Welcome Registration System during each semester registration. The student graduation school business is supported by the electronic departure system.

In this way, the student life cycle management and service is completed, and the important time nodes and events of the students are completely recorded. Figure 2 shows the process of student status change.

Featured application

Taking pictures using face recognition technology

Since 2011, advanced face recognition technology has been applied to campus cards to collect photos. Free of manual alignment of portraits, cropping photos, etc., greatly improving the efficiency of photographing, shortening the photographing time to less than 10 seconds, about one-third of the original, greatly reducing the amount of queuing.

Welcome to the palm

In 2011, the first use of the handheld welcome service in the orientation of the new year, so that when the new student receives the acceptance letter, he can conveniently access the handheld welcome website through the smartphone or tablet, query the campus map based on the Google map service, and find the building/landmark. Information such as query path, new information, registration process, frequently asked questions, on-campus housing, and common sites are integrated into the campus in advance. The handheld welcome network function is exactly the same as the computer version, but its interface is simpler, the operation is more convenient, and it is more in line with the usage habits of handheld users.

In order to make the system interface suitable for small devices such as mobile phones, the web design of the system uses the Dojo tool. The core map feature uses the GoogleMaps API (Map Programming Interface).

Instant Messaging System - Dolphin IM

Launched "Instant Messaging System (Dolphin IM)" in 2013. The system is an instant messaging system based on the digital campus of Xi'an Jiaotong University. It has unique functions to realize: “The mobile phone shakes, the students know early”, and automatically discovers fellows, roommates, classmates, etc.

The main features of Dolphin IM are:

1. The server uses Openfire for service processing, mainly implementing user registration, user authentication, and recording system logs.

2. The system follows the XMPP protocol.

3. Dolphin IM has an iOS client and an Android client, and implements specific functions based on the open source software Spark. Real-time information exchange, adding friends, maintaining personal information, changing avatars, etc.

4. The users in the system are all from the teachers and students in the school. It is the first real-time information exchange system for real-name systems used in colleges and universities. The relationship between freshmen and teachers and students can be automatically entered into the system after completing the enrollment work. After the new student gets NetID, they can get the Dolphin IM account, find the students and teachers in the system, and exchange information.

5. For the convenience of the user, not only can send text messages, but also can directly perform voice intercom.

6. Specially add the “mobile phone shake” function to achieve random dating and increase user interaction and contact. By gently shaking the mobile phone, you can automatically find the students closest to the user, from the same county, to the same city, to the same province, to help new students quickly get to know the local fellows; you can also automatically find the students in the same dormitory to help the new students start to know the roommates in advance. Establish friendships; you can also automatically discover classmates and help new students quickly integrate into class life.

Step by step

In 2014, on the basis of digital welcoming, we developed an upgraded version of the “step-by-step” application, which was the first to launch a mobile phone application based on message push and intelligent location guidance in domestic universities, as shown in Figure 3. The highlight of this application is to integrate all kinds of service resources of the school, and to personalize the information by sensing the new geographic location. In the process of welcoming the new one, the passive information query is pushed for active information, which is another sublimation of the informationization work in the past. From the first moment of the new student to become a member of the Jiaotong University, it will guide the new students how to reach the school, understand the Jiaotong University campus, help the new students complete the report, and provide intimate life learning information. For example, when a new student is at home, the reminder reminds the reminder; when the new student arrives at the Xi'an Railway Station or the airport, the reminder is sent to the school transportation mode; after the freshman enters the school, the check-in location and the check-in process reminder are pushed; the personalized learning reminder, life information, etc. are pushed. .

Welcome registration system

In 2015, the “Welcome Registration System” was upgraded, with the campus card as the medium. After the new tuition fee was withheld by the bank, you only need to check the card at the registration site to complete the “one-stop” registration, as shown in Figure 4. The upgraded system provides a richer and more flexible comprehensive query and statistical analysis function for the college and department administrators. In addition, it is not restricted by time, place, network or equipment. After the centralized welcome, the report and registration can still be continued. Various businesses have extended the processing time of the business and improved convenience. The administrator can quickly check the progress and results of the orientation business of the students under their jurisdiction, and the students who have problems during the registration process and the students who have successfully registered can also grasp the status of the student's payment in real time, and further urge the students to pay in time. . It avoids the inconsistency and lag of information in the past, facilitates information sharing, supports inquiries anytime and anywhere, and provides technical support for the management of new registrations.

The welcome registration system mainly solves information asymmetry and data interaction problems. The main functions are as follows:

1. Information release platform to solve information asymmetry;

2. The platform for data exchange, receiving and distributing various data, can be exported to intermediate media such as Excel and DBF;

3. The statistical analysis platform of the report, statistical analysis of the welcome data, and display by chart;

4. Monitor and monitor the platform, monitor the live video in real time, and publish the stream intensity data to provide data for “flow control”.

See Table 1 for the tasks and services of various users on the Welcome website. The user-centered data of business systems such as orientation, registration, school leaving, campus card, finance, academic affairs, enrollment, student work, employment, and alumni are displayed, and the data is displayed according to the time dimension. The status, behavior, and results of each time node of the user are displayed in a timeline manner, and the deeper attribute information can be explored in perspective.

It can timely check the registration, registration and departure of new students, and collect data through daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports to provide relevant statistical reports for various business departments.

Analyze green channel data, arrears data, and unreported data, discover several relationships, and provide early warning capabilities. Send timely information to students who have arrears and renounce their enrollment, and urge them to pay as soon as possible.

Electronic departure system

The “Electronic Departure System” is automatically connected with the relevant departments of the Finance Department, Student Office, Public Security Department, Organization Department, Library, Network Center, etc., which realizes the online paperless office of the school leaving business; greatly reduces the manual review process. 70% of the graduates will change from 7-8 to 2-3, and the annual number will be reduced by 60,000, which is convenient for the majority of graduates. (Author: Liu Honglei Zhang Ning Guoqian Wu Feilong Han Bo, Xi'an Jiaotong University Network Center)

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