What is a sticker on the back

Self-adhesive back-printing is the abbreviation for self-adhesive back-side printing. It refers to the method of printing and printing images on the adhesive surface of self-adhesive materials with ink or paint. General back printing has two purposes:

1 the back of the graphic printing. A small amount of text or pattern is printed on the surface of the adhesive to achieve the purpose of double-sided labeling. The label is used on a transparent bottle body or glass with a transparent liquid, and the text description on the label can be clearly seen through the transparent bottle body or glass, which serves as both sides of the label. Not only saves label materials and costs, but also makes the goods have a special decorative effect. Due to the special nature of the label structure, the printed label on the back has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect.

2 The back of the adhesive cover. Some labels do not need to be entirely coated with adhesive on the back, but only partially coated. If there is a relabelable, removable feature on the seal label, the finger contact area does not need to have glue; some have a back-cut label, and the back cut area is for easy removal of the bottom paper, and no glue is needed. In order to meet the above requirements, the printing house prints the ink on the place where the adhesive is removed by printing, and covers the adhesive so that it is not sticky to the same effect as the local coating process when the raw material is manufactured.

The backside printing is suitable for small batches and requires low precision labels. Such as mass production, should be fundamentally resolved from the raw material manufacturing, such as the back of the graphic printing, fabric back can be printed in advance, and then manufactured into a label material. On the other hand, the back cover labels can be used in the manufacture of materials, the use of partial leakage glue to make special materials, use special materials to process labels. This will increase label quality and production efficiency.

Product Description

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