Vitamin C whitening a few big questions

Oral administration of vitamin C starts from the basal layer of the skin of the skin, inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, blocks the natural pigment, and enhances the whiteness of the skin from the inside out. Are you questioning the whitening effect of vitamin C? Then let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Vitamin C whitening a few big questions

Classic natural smart whitening element

How much is it safe to take every day?

If you are from the perspective of long-term maintenance of the skin, it is recommended to take about 100 mg every day, which is safe and effective, and will not cause so-called side effects. In addition, it is recommended that you choose a natural vitamin C product. Here to teach you a little, only the true all-natural VC, the product name can be called "natural vitamin C". There are many VC products in the market, a few pieces, a dozen pieces, but generally these products are synthetic VCs, you should pay attention when choosing.

Is natural vitamin C really better than synthetic vitamin C?

Although there is no difference in chemical composition between the two, natural VC is generally made of rare fruits, such as acerola, kiwi, etc. It contains trace elements such as vitamin P, which can prevent VC from being damaged by oxidation. Help VC to be better absorbed by the body. The synthetic VC cost is low, the general dose is relatively high, if the daily intake of VC1000 mg or more, it is easy to cause oxalic acid or uric acid stones. For example, some OTC medicinal VCs belong to the category of medicines, and are generally used to treat diseases for adjuvant treatment. It is not recommended for long-term use.

How many times does VC eat a few times a day?

It is best to eat twice a day. Since VC is a water-soluble vitamin, it is generally discharged with body fluids in 3-4 hours. Repeated supplementation at intervals of 3-4 hours can ensure the VC content in the body and the absorption effect will be better.

When should VC be better?

It is best to eat after breakfast or after lunch! Everyone knows that fruits are "golden in the morning and silver in the afternoon". VC is also the same, especially some VC products extracted from natural fruits, but also in breakfast or lunch, the effect will be good.

If you want to use VC smart whitening, how long does it take?

Intelligent whitening is like a war. The game with the black pigment should continue the supply of bullets. Otherwise, the black pigment that just repels will quickly cheer up, and the combat power will be stronger. Oral administration for at least 3-6 months, the effect will be more obvious, because the stomach is absorbed by the body, step by step to help the cell renewal requires a process to improve the skin muscle from the root. Any practice that exaggerates the effect of Xuanwang is not good for your health.

Can you eat smart fruits and vegetables rich in VC to be smart and white?

It depends on the individual's physique. Cherries, kiwis, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, and oranges are rich in vitamin C. However, although vitamin C is widely found in vegetables and fruits, it is one of the most unstable water-soluble antioxidants with a short shelf life and is easily oxidized. For example, after 2 hours of green leafy vegetables picking, VC lost 5-18%, and after 10 hours, it lost 38-66%, and the vegetables in Chinese residents were mainly cooked food. VC was seriously lost during cooking, and the utilization rate was less than 50%. Therefore, if the amount taken from the vegetables and fruits is not up to the corresponding functional dose, it is often impossible to maintain the ideal cosmetic effect. If you want to intelligently whiten, it is recommended to increase the intake of VC.

Is the diyVC smart whitening mask on the Internet really effective?

Online Shengwang's method of crushing vitamin C, pouring it into mineral water, and then using a compressed mask to open it is effective in a short period of time, but because VC is strong in oxidation resistance, if it is not well grasped , it is easy to produce a tingling sensation, MM who are easily allergic should not do such an attempt.

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