Urban white-collar workers must see, come out of health

In today's busy times, many white-collar workers think that they do not have time to exercise, and they are busy with their work every day, but their body quality is declining. In fact, there is no need for fitness to come up with a specific time. Fitness is a sport that can be done at any time. He also exists in every detail of our lives. Walking - is a sport that people carry out every day, so what kind of health can the body bring to the body? How long does it take to walk the most healthy way every day? The following small series for everyone to analyze walking but give us health.


   It is always good to walk often , but how should you go? Let me first talk about the three major problems of walking. 1. Stride: The stride is the amplitude of each step when walking. As far as fitness is concerned, the "natural step" has a low overall impact on the human body. Fitness walking requires us to take the initiative to increase the pace, let more muscles and nerves in the legs participate, in order to effectively exercise the body. Fitness walks are slightly larger. For those who have exercised for a period of time, it is better to choose a step size that is slightly larger than usual when walking.

2, pace: fitness walking according to its speed can be divided into relaxed walking, medium speed walking, brisk walking and high speed fast walking. Relax for 50 to 70 steps / minute, about 3 to 4 kilometers per hour; medium speed for 70 to 120 steps / minute, about 4 to 5 kilometers per hour; fast walk for 120 to 140 steps / Minutes, about 5.5 to 6 kilometers per hour; high speed fast walking is more than 140 steps / minute, about 6.5 kilometers per hour.

3, exercise intensity: modern medical experts first promote the three, five, seven movements, that is, walking no less than 3 kilometers or 30 minutes a day; 5 times a week; age + pulse beat = 170 (times / minute). In order to achieve the purpose of aerobic fitness, we must adhere to 30 to 60 minutes of fitness every day, maintaining a distance of about 3 to 5 kilometers or 5000 to 8000 steps. Of course, you can also determine the time and distance used for fitness walking based on your current physical condition.

   Recommend two ways to walk

According to Harvard University research, exercise for 1 hour can extend the healthy life span of 2 hours. As long as you have accumulated more than 5,000 steps per day, you can help you lose weight and build health. According to Harvard University, the amount and intensity of physical activity to prevent disease and maintain health does not need to be intense. Just use scattered time activities to accumulate appropriate physical activity. Therefore, according to your physical health, choose different functional walking exercise methods, and targeted exercise is a smart choice.


   More suitable for women's aerobic fitness walk

The specific way is to speed up the pace on the basis of ordinary walks, with the arm swing, walk at a speed of about 90 km/minute, about 5 km per hour. This method of walking increases the intensity of exercise and is a common method for healthy middle-aged people, especially for women with weak strength. "American Medicine" has reported that "walking fast" is conducive to women's physical and mental health. Middle-aged and older women are less likely to participate in intense exercise, but if you walk 30 minutes a day, the probability of a stroke can be reduced by 30%; if you go 45 minutes to an hour a day, the probability of a stroke can be further reduced by 40%. From 1968 to 1994, experts at the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a long-term follow-up study of the relationship between women's sports and physiology. The survey was conducted on 72,488 women aged 40-65. According to the research report, middle-aged and elderly women can effectively prevent diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and certain cancers by walking for 30 minutes every day. Women who do not have exercise habits can achieve good results in physical fitness as long as they walk 30 minutes a day from now on.


Persist for 30 to 60 minutes per day, about 3 to 5 kilometers, 5000 to 8000 steps, you can achieve a certain effect. If you can't hold it down, you can do it several times depending on your physical condition. Through 3 to 6 months of fast walking exercise, the body movement is very good for the walkers to reach 1 hour and 8 thousand steps per day. At least 4 to 5 times a week, to be consistent. However, it should be used with caution for middle-aged people with kidney, liver and heart disease. As the walking speed is increased, the burden on the heart, liver and kidney is increased, and some uncomfortableness is likely to occur. Those who are healthy can practice more.


   More suitable for men's healthy pace

“Big stride” is an exercise method to increase stride length in the process of walking. It aims to increase the amount of physical exercise and promote the participation of many parts of the body.

Stride has a very important role in aerobic fitness walking. Usually the walking steps of people are natural strides, that is, the pace that is used to life. But striding is to change the habit of walking and give the body a new stimulus. Let our body get a new workout in a new dynamic environment. The stride step is a bit bigger and looks very simple, but the muscle's force pattern will change. That is to say, when the big step is taken, the muscles of our legs are increased a lot, and the swing of the arms is stronger.

The most important thing to do is to determine the stride. Because each person's specific situation varies widely, the stride step is not a fixed value. When your walking streak is 100 (cm) in height, your gait will make you look good. The increase in stride has a certain relationship with the exercise effect, but the stride is not as big as possible. Especially for beginners, too large strides tend to strain muscles and ligaments. The step size should be increased in a step-by-step process. Under normal circumstances, the stride of striding is 10 cm larger than the pace that you usually get used to. You can use the following simple method to find the stride of stride: 1. Determine the natural stride of walking: apply a little water on the sole and walk on the road. Mark the tide footprints and measure the specific data. 2. Add 10 cm to the habitual stride and mark it to measure the specific data of the increased stride. 3, on the road, in accordance with the stride data of the big step, make a 10-step mark, and then practice repeatedly until you can find the feeling of striding stride. According to your own specific situation, you can gradually try to make great strides as much as possible. Every time you take a big step, you don't need to be fast, but you must pay attention to quality and try to take the steps out as much as possible.

Pay attention to the swing of your arms while striding. It is best to swing your arms to the same height as your shoulders. Be careful not to “squat” but to swing in a controlled manner. The fitness trail is the best place to take a walk. The trails generally have a distance sign, which provides a basis for the exerciser to grasp the stride, speed and distance of walking. The first exerciser can set a distance for himself, and at this distance, take a big stride exercise. After the exercise, if you can reach the distance of 100 meters in the distance of 100 meters, the lesbians will finish with 120~130 steps, and they will have a good fitness effect.

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