Two steps to easily create a snowflake Christmas manicure

Regardless of whether you have a Christmas habit or not, think about it: this is another good opportunity to reunite with friends, to party, to enjoy food, to be crazy, and to dress up with yourself. Even if you just want to make a beautiful Christmas atmosphere with your girlfriends. Manicure. Not only snowmen and elk, we have more fashionable and interesting patterns, prepare your nail polish, pick up your nail pen, let's get started!


Global warming is really frustrating! If there is no snow, there should be less Christmas atmosphere. It doesn't matter, you can copy the crystal snow to your nails. You need to prepare: shiny blue nail polish, opaque white nail polish, and a fine-tipped nail brush (abandoned eye shadow brush is also available).

Step1: Apply two layers of blue nail polish to the finger as the background color and wait for it to dry completely. Then use a nail brush to apply white nail polish and draw a trident like a pine needle at the edge of the nail. The end of the thread extends to the middle of your nail.

Setp2: Draw two more "V" shapes at the end of each line, remember that the last one is slightly longer than the previous one. Change the size, some nails are half-snow, some nails can be a complete piece (remember that snowflake has a few corners?). Let the white snowflakes look more geometric and look cool.

This is done! Simple to incredible! The contrast between blue and white is striking. It's not just the snowflake that looks good. You can also use your own imagination to play some different snowflake patterns.

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