Traditional books will not be replaced by e-books

The popularity of e-books has greatly improved the convenience of reading, and at the same time caused a lot of worry for the traditional printing industry - the sharp decline in the market. After the start of school this year, the tablet computer replaced the traditional paper textbook, which made the publishing house feel the end of the road.

At the beginning of the new semester, some middle schools in China will have classes using tablet computers, without having to have a full bag of textbooks and test questions. At that time, there will be no thick textbooks or papers on the student desk, replaced by a tablet. The impact of the popularity of e-books and tablets on traditional education is increasingly apparent.

The materials, tutorial materials, test papers, extracurricular reading materials, and dictionaries in the bag are all digitized and integrated into a portable mobile terminal. Students can take classes with a tablet. The teacher teaches through multimedia courseware, and the students can talk and answer questions through the computer, and the students can start discussions without affecting others.

The times are advancing, technology is developing, and electronic products are gradually integrating into people's lives. Although digital products are not as convenient as paper, many people use their mobile phones and other terminals to read books every day. It is inevitable that new things will replace old ones. Maybe we can't stop the trend of technology.

“E-study bag” enters the classroom and challenges the learning style of traditional classrooms. From the perspective of innovation and sense of the times, it is indeed a meaningful attempt. Whether this kind of teaching method will become the trend of the future, the benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom. At the same time, the tablet can download too many things, good and bad, who can guarantee that what they see in the classroom must be the content of the teacher. In view of the fact that e-books are still in the stage of exploration and experimentation, they should not be implemented across the board. Only through piloting can we determine the significance and value of its promotion.

Even if the e-book bag can replace the paper textbook, the "e-book bag" will reduce the students' hands-on writing, which is a serious challenge for Chinese character writing. After all, writing is a ability to reflect people's ability! Can't be lost! In order to protect the national quintessence, it is recommended to set up a calligraphy elective course at the same time as the school uses a tablet computer. It is also different to look at computers and reading books, and electronic products will bring radiation, which has a certain impact on students' vision and physical health. This must also be effectively guarded against.

We are entering the era of “paperless learning”, and the normalization of tablet PCs in interactive classrooms is very likely to be realized, but the important factor in the teaching process is still people. A tablet can only be used as a tool for learning. It cannot completely replace a physical book, and it cannot replace the role of a teacher.

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