The wedding period will go to Tengzhou citizens to buy furniture "cool"

Seeing that the wedding is approaching, the furniture ordered online is delayed, what should I do? On October 26, Mr. Sun called the public and said that he would hold a wedding next week, but the furniture ordered online was not delivered yet, but the seller refused to return the goods.

According to Mr. Sun, his wedding date is scheduled for early November. Since a friend told him that it is cheaper to buy furniture online, he ordered a set of solid wood furniture on Taobao in early September and paid 1,000 yuan first. The store promised that the furniture would be delivered in early October and would not delay his layout of the new house. At the beginning of October, Mr. Sun called the seller, and the store told him that due to the timber problem, one of the bookcases had to be redone, but it could be delivered in mid-October.

"We waited for a few more days, and no one gave us the goods." Mr. Sun said that on October 18, due to the delay in receiving furniture, he called the seller again, but the other said that there are too many people ordering furniture. Still need to wait. Mr. Sun was very angry and asked the other party to return the goods and returned the deposit, but the other party refused to return the goods because the furniture was already ready. "Since I can't deliver the goods on time, why did I promise to the customers? Is it because my wedding is delayed because of this set of furniture?" Mr. Sun bought a set of furniture in order to avoid marriage.

Then, if you buy goods online, you can't deliver them in time. What should consumers do? To this end, the reporter contacted the staff of the municipal industrial and commercial department. According to the staff, online ordering furniture is more and more popular among consumers because of its variety and relatively affordable price. The logistics delivery is not timely and easy to damage. It is only one of the problems faced by online furniture purchase. The problems that the goods are not consistent with the photos, the quality of the furniture is difficult to guarantee, and the after-sales are not guaranteed are worthy of attention. Therefore, consumers are advised to choose bulk. When you buy a product, you can still buy it at a large mall.

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