The problems caused by the selection and design of the cover of the book printing

The issues of receipt selection and design of receipt printing are as follows:

Cover paper and book paper are very different in thickness. In order to improve the effect of book binding, there are currently many book cover thickness and the thickness of the book paper (or the weight) are very different, resulting in both the pull force is not equal, when the wireless glue book cover lifted to open the first page of the book block exposed The bottom of the rubber or sample pages, brewed ingredients, the publisher and the processor are in conflict. If such products are between the cover and the first page of the book block plus one gram of weight (thickness) of the appropriate ring lining or lining page to solve the leakage of plastic signs, but many booksellers do not do this in order to reduce the cost of basic , also do not consider the processing effect.

The length of the cover is shorter than the length of the book block to create a dirty book. When the book is bound and processed, most of the cover length is about 7mm shorter than the length of the book block. The result is that when the book is glue-glued, the book is short at one end and leads to a leaky part of the back of the book. If the design of the cover is left with the size of the flash of the sky and the feet, this sign can be completely avoided.

It is requested that the cover of the processing factory be not exposed when it is processed, and the back of the book cannot be blackened. This kind of request is actually too difficult. According to the national cy/t28-1999 binding quality request and inspection method, "3, 4, 5" provisions: book back translation error is based on the back center of the book, book thickness is less than 10mm product book, book back word translation tolerance For books with ≤1.0mm in book thickness greater than 20mm and less than or equal to 30mm, the allowable translation tolerance for the book back is 2.5mm; for book products with book back thickness over 30mm, the translation tolerance for the back of the book is 3.0mm. The tolerance of the backslash of the book is 0.5mm smaller than the tolerance of the back of the book, and the design of black and white is clear.

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