The perfect marriage between QR code technology and anti-counterfeiting technology

This paper introduces the combination of two-dimensional code technology and anti-counterfeiting technology, which can provide users with the advantages of two-dimensional code technology, but also meet the needs of users' anti-counterfeiting, traceability, information services, etc., and form a strong anti-counterfeiting comprehensive. Technical solutions.

1. Two-dimensional code coding

The two-dimensional code is an information carrier, and the two-dimensional code code refers to the information content stored in the two-dimensional code. At present, there are many anti-counterfeiting manufacturers who choose to use the two-dimensional code to carry the anti-counterfeiting information of the products, and realize the anti-counterfeiting verification through the network. However, many enterprises choose to store only the customized anti-counterfeiting verification information in the QR code. Since most anti-counterfeiting information systems are closed verification systems, if only the customized anti-counterfeiting verification information is stored in the QR code, the public mobile phone will not be guaranteed. All kinds of APPs in the equipment are scanned and read after relevant information, and the interconnection between the systems cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended to make full use of the advantages of multiple codes in the two-dimensional code encoding in the two-dimensional code encoding. The universal two-dimensional code encoding data structure is used to incorporate the anti-counterfeiting verification information as a standard data item into a mature universal international coded data structure or URI data structure.

2. QR code symbol and label printing

The two-dimensional code symbol is a graphic symbol. In order to prevent the two-dimensional code from being copied, copied or unauthorizedly read, it should be considered to integrate with various anti-counterfeiting technologies, for example, printing an anti-copy layer on the two-dimensional code symbol; The two-dimensional code printed substrate is protected by texture and material anti-counterfeiting technology; the two-dimensional code symbol is partially covered, and can be read after scratching or destroying the package. In order to ensure the convenient verification characteristics of the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology scheme, it is generally not recommended to use a non-standard, non-generic code to be a two-dimensional code information carrier.

In addition, anti-counterfeiting technology manufacturers should pay attention to the symbol printing quality of QR codes. In particular, if it is necessary to consider compatibility with a variety of smart phones and multiple reading environments, it should be ensured that the QR code is added after various anti-counterfeiting protection measures. Can be easily read. If the public needs to scan through the mobile phone, it should ensure that the quality level of the two-dimensional code symbol printed on the anti-counterfeit label is not lower than GB/T 23704 "Inspection of the quality of the two-dimensional bar code symbol printing technology automatic identification and data acquisition technology" Level 1.5 as specified in the standard.
Several examples of security QR code labels Several examples of security QR code labels

3. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting information system construction problem

In addition to the need for anti-counterfeiting verification, the construction of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting information system also needs to consider the functions of two-dimensional code information tracing, two-dimensional code information service and scanning user statistics. It is particularly important to note that the two-dimensional code service information system established by various anti-counterfeiting enterprises and capable of realizing anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions is completely closed. Other information systems cannot obtain public information services related to two-dimensional codes through standard interfaces. The process dynamic data in the process can not be reflected on the platform, which is the current outstanding problem.

The wide application of China's two-dimensional code can only have stronger vitality and market competitiveness if combined with an open and standardized technical system.

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