The height of the furniture also affects the height of the furniture that is most suitable for health.

The scale, shape and arrangement of furniture design should conform to the physiological and psychological scale of the human body and the activity rules of various parts of the human body, so as to achieve the purpose of safety, practicality, convenience, comfort and beauty.

Bed height

In general, the height of the bed is 45, or measured by the user's knee. A height of 1 to 2 cm or higher is good for health. Too high or too low will only cause inconvenience to the bed. If it is too high, it will cause inconvenience. If it is too short, it will be easily damp. It is easy to inhale dust on the ground during sleep and increase the working pressure of the lungs.

The healthy height of the bed can also be measured by the height of the face from the ground. The standard is 46 to 50 cm. This is because the seat has a healthy height of 40 cm. When sitting on a bed, the height of the 46 cm bed is about 40 cm after being pressed.

In addition, the height of the pillow directly affects people's sleep. In general, adult pillows should be 15 cm high, old people and children can be slightly lower, and babies should be around 6 cm. This is conducive to the normal blood supply to the brain, the relaxation of the muscles of the neck, and the smooth breathing of the lungs.

TV cabinet height

The height of the TV cabinet should be such that the user's sight after sitting is exactly at the center of the TV screen. Take the TV on the sofa as an example - the sitting height is 40 cm, the height of the sitting face to the eye is usually 66 cm, and the combined height is 106 cm. This is the high line of sight and is also used to measure whether the height of the TV cabinet is healthy. High standard. If there is no special need, the center height of the TV should not exceed this height.

If you choose a non-dedicated TV cabinet for TV cabinets, the 70 cm high cabinet is a high limit. Take a 29-inch TV as an example. The height of the case is 60 cm, the height of the cabinet is 70 cm, and the sum is 130 cm. The height from the center of the screen to the ground is about 110 cm. This height is just in line with the normal height of normal viewing. If the cabinet is higher than 70 cm, the center line of sight must be higher than this standard, and it is easy to form a look up.

According to ergonomic principles, looking up is easy to fatigue the neck and damage the health of the cervical spine. The health of the bedroom TV cabinet can be used depending on the height of the bed.

Table and chair height

The height of the table and chair should be measured and designed according to the reference position of the person's seat (the ischial joint point). The height is usually between 39 and 42 cm. If the height is less than 38 cm, the knee will be arched to cause discomfort and increase the standing time. Difficulty; when the height of the chair is greater than 5 cm of the length of the lower limb, the body pressure is dispersed to the thigh, and the inner side of the thigh is compressed, which easily causes swelling of the lower leg.

Sofa height

The seat width of a single sofa should not be less than 48 cm. If it is smaller than this size, people will feel crowded even if they can barely sit in. The depth of the sitting surface should be in the range of 48 to 60 cm. If the depth is too deep, the calf will not sag naturally, and the calf will be oppressed; if it is too shallow, it will feel uncomfortable. The height of the sitting surface should be in the range of 36 to 42 cm, too high, just like sitting in a chair, feeling uncomfortable; too low, it will be very difficult to sit up and stand up.

The height of the sitting surface of a double or triple sofa is the same as the height of the sitting surface of a single sofa, and the width of the sitting surface changes accordingly. The seating distance of each person of the three-seat sofa is 45 to 48 cm, and the seating distance of the double sofa can be larger, generally 50 cm, depending on the user's fat and thin.

The sofa armrest is generally 56 to 60 cm high. If there is no handrail, and the angle is a few transitions, the height of the corner should be 60 cm to facilitate the hand or take the object.

Cabinet height

The 40 cm high low cabinet, which is the height of the general sitting surface, is the height of the communication with the sofa. The 60-70 cm high low cabinet can also be used as a display cabinet or a TV set. This is a good result for most Orientals. This height is timely and effective in responding to the line of sight.

The highest position of the high cabinet should be 40 to 60 cm away from the roof. If it is too high, it will produce a sense of oppression. If the line of sight is too low, the center height will be easily overlooked, resulting in visual dispersion.

The height of the shelf of the cabinet shelf should not be less than 22 cm. Books smaller than this size will not fit into the 32-page book. Considering the placement of magazines, albums and other large-sized items, the height of the shelf is generally 30 to 35 cm.

The application of health height in furniture design emphasizes the physiological and psychological reactions of the furniture during use. The basic dimensions of the furniture and the relationship between the furniture are standardized according to the reference points of the user's standing position, sitting position and lying position. This is the primary criterion for selecting furniture.

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