The basic condition of sticker printing

At present, sticker printing in the world is basically divided into three situations:
1. Flexo-based printing The North American region represented by the United States and Canada is a typical example of the use of flexographic printing stickers. The equipment for the unit type printing unit, ink-based water-based ink, using circular pressure round die-cutting. The material processing method is web printing and web take-up.
2. Relief and flexographic plates each occupy about 50% of the printing methods. This type of processing is represented by Europe. The situation of flexographic printing labels is the same as in the United States, but letterpress printing occupies a considerable proportion. All of the letterpress printing uses UV ink, and the devices are mostly stacked or satellite. The material processing method is the same as roll paper printing and web take-up.
3. Printing with relief printing This processing method is represented by the Asia Pacific region. Most of the developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region are relatively backward in label printing. There are only a few devices that use UV inks in letterpress printing, and most label devices still use traditional resin inks. The materials are processed in two ways: web, sheet cut, and web. In addition, sheet-fed adhesive printing labels are also characteristic of the region. In the die-cutting mode, the flat pressure die is basically used.

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