The basic concept of packaging design

The important role and significance of a packaging design

The term "packing" can be understood in this way: In order to ensure that the original state and quality of goods are not damaged or affected during transportation, flow, transaction, storage and use, a series of technical measures and artistic measures are taken against the goods.

For a successful commodity packaging work, not only should it have the above-mentioned protection, beautification, and promotion of the role of goods, but it should also have the role of promoting goods. As a commodity. The most direct advertising media should be its own packaging design, so we should attach great importance to the packaging design of the product, carefully designed, so that the product packaging fully shows an extraordinary visual beauty and an extremely strong visual impact , so as to attract the attention of shoppers. And seize its shopping psychology, make it from the heart to produce a sense of absolute trust in the quality of the product, and ultimately achieve the role of promotion.

The classification of two packaging designs

1. Product content classification

Categories--Food, Tobacco and Alcohol, Medicine and Sanitation, Textiles, Culture and Education Supplies, Daily Chemicals, Arts & Crafts, Native Products, Hardware and Electrical Appliances, Leather Products, Children Toys, Haberdashery, etc.

Design requirements - to measure the level of a package design, first of all to see if it has a lighter commodity, food packaging, requires a clear-cut color, high purity, can make people have the feeling of being able to import: pharmaceutical packaging requires color cleanliness And calm, it is a convincing sense of its efficacy: clothing box requires its composition, coloring is very simple and generous and so on. .

2. Product packaging display effect classification

A sign - is the label

B box - is a variety of box packaging

C paper - that is, wrapping paper

D bag - that is, shopping bags

3. Product sales target classification

A domestic product

B export goods

4. Classification of printing process conditions

A letterpress printing design

B flat printing design

C gravure printing design