Ten Tips for Tips for Cleaning a Single-chip DLP Projector

The single-chip DLP projector is composed of a power circuit control system, an optical engine system, a fan and a ventilation and heat dissipation system, as well as a chassis that is easy to operate and has a beautiful process design. Its optical engine system is the core of the projector, which is composed of high-efficiency cold light source high-pressure mercury lamp UHP, UV-IR filter, color wheel, light integrating rod, TIR total reflection prism, electron microscope DMD module, projection lens, etc. . The optical engine is the most sophisticated and complex, and is fully enclosed and dustproof. There are two types of mechanical structure in the whole machine: "U" shape and "L" shape, which is very different from the linear structure of the optical engine of the film projector.

If the cleaning equipment is not wiped in time after the screening or before the next screening, these dust and flying insect residues will adhere to the inner surface of the machine, the heat dissipation inlet and outlet slots and the fan runner blades, which will accumulate for a long time. The temperature of the machine will rise, and the taboo of the projector is that the machine temperature is too high.

Especially under the conditions of high temperature and high humidity in the southern rainy season in the south, if these accumulated moist dust and residual dirt of flying insects are not cleaned in time, it will not only obstruct the intake air flow, but also affect the rotation of the fan and directly reduce the cooling effect. So that the temperature of the machine rises, so that the temperature warning indicator flashes, and even automatically shuts down and powers off eventually, resulting in a shutdown accident.

Even under the superior natural environmental conditions, in addition to conventional cleaning, the projector will accumulate too much dust on the optical engine, especially the ventilation slots and fan runners during the cumulative continuous use of the year, resulting in temperature Too high and malfunction. Excessive machine temperature is the most fatal damage to the projector, which will cause the brightness to drop, the image is blurred, the color is not correct, etc. Therefore, the cleaning of the projector must be carried out on time in strict accordance with the requirements of the relevant operating instructions.

1. Be sure to avoid the rainy season and thunderstorms every year when cleaning the inside of the projector.

2. Before cleaning and cleaning, you must confirm that the bulb is extinguished and has cooled down. Then turn off the main power and pull out the power plug from the power connector.

3. After opening the cover of the machine, conditionally use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the deposited dust. You can also use the air bag to blow off the dust, and at the same time use a soft brush to gently remove the accumulated dust.

4. Wear white gloves or medicinal rubber gloves to prevent fingerprints from touching the surface of the optical device.

5. It is absolutely not allowed to wipe and clean the optical devices with wet wipes and cloths with fluff or dust.

Sixth, the projector's optical components have high structural accuracy, and the placement distance is precise.

7. Don't use volatile alcohol to wipe the optical device. Practice has proved that alcohol can not cure the symptoms, and the ability to remove dust is limited. Because the dust that has accumulated on the optical device after a certain temperature and time accumulation can not be dissolved and removed by alcohol. It is recommended to use a cleaning agent extracted from natural gums, which is not corrosive to the surface of optical devices, and can effectively remove stubborn stains without leaving traces.

8. To clean up the dust and dirt layer accumulated on the blades of the fan runner, you can drip the neutral detergent on a soft dry cloth, wring the detergent in the cloth and gently wipe it, and finally wipe it with a clean cloth dry.

9. If you encounter broken pieces of glass products such as projection lamps or reflectors, you must clean them very carefully and patiently, and pay attention to prevent your fingers from being scratched.

10. After cleaning and cleaning, turn on the machine to check whether the operation menus are working properly. Whether the image is clear, and the brightness and color restoration are normal.

I believe that through the above statements, everyone also has a basic concept in mind. Xiaobian hopes that through the above ten points, it can help everyone to better clean the projector. (Organized by China Educational Equipment Purchasing Network)

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