TCM weight loss "tailor-made" tea prescription

The main essence of TCM weight loss lies in "dialectical treatment", which is based on the prescription of each person's constitution, that is, the weight-loss prescription for your personal "tailor-made". Here is a simple dialectical method and a tea drink for your reference.

Although everyone knows that "less food, more movement" can get rid of fat, but most people are difficult to persevere, and finally had to give up, or buy a variety of slimming tea to drink, but the result is more and more fat. Chinese medicine practitioners said that the popular slimming tea drink is nothing more than to emphasize that you have a smooth bowel movement, but not every obese person with physical constitution can drink it. This is why some people drink more and more fat.

Chinese medicine practitioners explained that the slimming tea sold in the market contains some Chinese herbal medicines such as rhubarb and senna, and these traditional Chinese medicines have the effect of laxative and diarrhea. They are suitable for the obesity constitution of “stomach heat and dampness type”; "Physically obese people take it, it will hurt the yang of the spleen and stomach (ie digestive system function), so that the symptoms of spleen deficiency are more obvious, such as burnout, abdominal pain, flatulence, poor appetite, leucorrhea secretion, swelling of the calf, etc., and hands and feet Cold, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased body metabolism, and increased weight, the more you lose weight.

Choose the right tea according to the type of 3 body -

TCM weight loss "tailor-made" tea prescription

01 slightly hot turbid (central type)

·Characteristic shape, strong meat, good appetite, gorging, overeating, but soon after eating, hungry, eating spicy fried, greasy and fatty food; face is usually red, gums sometimes red, swollen, painful, mouth Dry tongue, bad breath, easy to break, long acne, long acne cysts, afraid of heat, sweating a little activity, body weight, constipation, and even hemorrhoids bleeding.

· Daily life to avoid hot food, warm fruits, eat a small amount of meals, eat fresh and cool vegetables and fruits.

· Suitable for tea - clear stomach smooth tea

Ingredients: Hawthorn 2 money, Cassia 3 money, Chenpi 1 money, Hangju 1 money, lotus leaf 1 money

Efficacy: diarrhea, heat, phlegm, phlegm, clearing intestinal fat

· Brewing method:

1. Put the above materials into the filter bag and put them into the vacuum flask.

2. Add 600cc of hot water and drink it after 10 to 15 minutes.

Tips! What are hot foods?

Xin Wen food: pepper, garlic, ginger, onions, onions, leeks.

Hot food: any smoked, fried, grilled, mutton, etc.

Warm fruit: longan, lychee, durian, etc.

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