Small-sized essential folding furniture makes orderly use of space

Recommended products: Zhaijia multifunctional sofa bed fabric velvet OT831

Reference price: 1020 yuan

Whether it is simple style or European-style home decoration, the colored sofa is a good soft outfit. Color can make the simple space full of vitality, and it can make the European space show personality. This time, the editor recommends a simple and versatile, freely colorable sofa.

Home sofa

Although the appearance of this home sofa is simple, it still has a sense of fashion. Use simple lines to outline the sense of "everyone's style", choose strong and durable high-permeability high-quality fabrics, simple and transparent high-strength rigid legs harmonious with the overall style of the sofa, and there are many colors to choose from Give the space unparalleled fashion.

Home sofa

A high-quality sofa allows users to enjoy the most comfortable posture, and the degree of comfort depends on the quality of the spring. This sofa adopts a snake spring support bag, which is moderately soft and hard. This material can provide even support to the body and can have a highly balanced elasticity. Not only can it enjoy a free posture, but it will not cause back pain when sitting for a long time. The phenomenon.

Home sofa

This sofa is very practical for the limited apartment space. A family and friends at home, as long as you gently open the back zipper, this sofa can become a standard double bed.

Zhaijia sofa brand price model material overall size Zhaijia 1020 yuan OT831 solid wood frame, fleece fabric 1900 * 1200mm Feature recommendation: stylish and simple appearance, can be used as a sofa bed

Editor's comment: Fashionable appearance and diverse colors are versatile essential items for home furnishing. And the quality is high, the hardness is moderate, and it is not easy to deform after long-term use. The most important thing is that it can be used as a sofa bed, which is a good choice for owners who often have guests, especially small apartments.

Recommended products: Fragrant cocoa dining table

Reference price: 388 yuan

The living room is too small, what should I do if there is no dining room? This foldable dining table is particularly suitable for showing off in such a space. You can put it against the wall when you put it away, and when you unfold it, the living room becomes a dining room in a second.

Fragrant cocoa dining table

The table is white / light walnut / black walnut / white maple / teak, overall simple and fresh. The size can be changed according to different needs. The smallest can be folded into a small table of 30 * 70 * 72 (cm), which can be tucked into a corner, and it is convenient to move when one is alone; it can also be stretched to 75 * 70 * 72 (cm ) Or 120 * 70 * 72 (cm) medium and large tables can be used as a desk or a dining table for four people.

Fragrant cocoa dining table

Tabletop stretching process: first lift the table with one side, expand the door with pulley to 90 °, lock the pulley, fix the position of the table and door, and the other side of the table is also unfolded. After the table is unfolded, the wheels are locked and it is difficult to move. When in use, the table before unfolding must be moved into position, and then the fixed table can be unfolded, which sometimes seems cumbersome.

Xiangke foldable dining table brand price model material overall size weight Xiangke 388 yuan cz58888 standard particle board 1200 * 700 * 720mm35kg Feature recommendation: small footprint and convenient collection. Very suitable for small apartment.

Editor's comment: This foldable dining table has a simple appearance and varied functions. It can be used as a single desk, a dining table, or can be expanded into a large table. The material is made of standard particle board, with excellent bending strength, and the quality of hardware accessories such as door hinges and guide rails is very good. Multifunctional and practical is one of the most characteristic places of this dining table, suitable for middle-income people who pursue simplicity and convenience.

Recommended products: Qingyunhua Butterfly Folding Wall Bed

Reference price: 4660 yuan

The folding wall bed that can be put down and folded freely can be said to be a weapon to solve the lack of space in small apartments. It hides the bed used at night, leaving more active areas for hospitality and life during the day, so that small apartments can be separated. The situation is alleviated.

When the folding wall bed is stowed, the rear bracket can be adjusted into a shelf for placing decorative objects behind the sofa. Sleeping at night and lowering the bed board, the sofa naturally becomes a bracket for the head of the bed. The sofa and the bed are reasonably designed as one, easy to use and save space .

The main frame of the wall bed is made of stainless alloy, which is firm and durable. Two air supports on each side of the bed ensure the safety during the process of laying down and retracting the bed. Multiple solid wood wide boards are used in the middle of the bed board to provide more stable support for the mattress. The lock switch of the bed end bracket ensures that the bed body is more stable after being pressed. The bed board can be made according to the requirements of consumers, and there are various materials of solid wood and melamine board.

Qingyunhua Butterfly Folding Wall Bed Brand Price Model Specification Style Origin Qingyunhua Butterfly 4660 Yuan CH-08 Double Bed (customizable) Nordic / IKEA Shanghai Feature Recommendation: It can be folded up to the wall, saving space and easy to operate.

Editor's comment: This foldable wall bed combines the two most space-consuming large pieces of furniture, bed and sofa, to serve different household purposes during the day and night, and solves the use defects of the small-sized guest bedroom space. It can be said that it was designed for small apartment design. At present, such wall beds can be customized according to the actual room type, which can fully meet the actual needs of small apartments with different layouts.

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