Small apartment extrusion cloakroom space to create a perfect cloakroom for women

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Every woman has a cloakroom with lots of designer clothes and jewelry. Not every home is suitable for a separate cloakroom. It is more difficult to design a cloakroom in a small apartment, but as long as the space is used reasonably, the small apartment can also have a cloakroom.

There are many ways to squeeze out the cloakroom space:

Cloakroom design

1. Use the concave and convex surface in the bedroom to find a way. For a room with a long bedroom, you can use the light steel keel to re-divide the space, design a part of the main bedroom into a walk-in cloakroom, and make the door of the cloakroom a stealth door. Combine the wall and the door.

2. The idle space is made into a built-in cloakroom. There used to be a room of 38 square meters. Although the space is limited, the designer is the place where the cloakroom is drawn in the area of ​​the entrance hall. The cloakroom is divided into two areas, which is used by a regional designer. The folding door is used as the door of the cloakroom, and the other area is partitioned by the partition, so that it does not occupy the place, and the surface of the folding door is made of glass mirror, and can also be used as a mirror.

3. For the apartment type is two rooms and two bathrooms, it is also a good choice to change one of the bathrooms into a cloakroom.

4. If the room has a mezzanine layout, you can also use the mezzanine to make a simple cloakroom in the hallway.

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