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Title of the Invention: One-Stage Printing Method for Multi-Single or Multi-Color Blocks of Monochrome Offset Press Thematic Application Number Abstract: The present invention provides a printing method for multi-single or multi-color blocks of a single-color offset printing press, which is used A lithographically modified film is realized by the following steps: (1) Producing a printing plate as required; (2) Cutting the modified film to an appropriate size according to the requirements; cutting the back side upwards and cutting the edge between the black cells; Cutting, to the peripheral edge without glue is better; 3 according to the conventional method for the need to change the modified version of the film printing plate; 4 wash the print plate dry, according to need to modify the film paste in the need to change the word or block the layout ;5 Use the cleaning solution to paste the modified film at the place of printing; after the first printing, according to the need, the non-printing layout will be erased with the erasing paste, and the word will be changed or opened as required. Print with different colors of ink as needed until all single sheets or color blocks have been printed. The invention has the advantages of low printing cost, high printing quality and high printing efficiency. ※

The types of Dental Floss include paraffin floss and non paraffin containing floss, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) floss, bar floss, odorties (such as mint odorts, fruit flavored floss) and odorless floss, and floss. These floss have something in common: they are soft, elastic and easy to use.
Dental floss with sticks, Teflon dental floss, wax and wax free dental floss, very thin and banded floss thicker. The dentist can recommend the most suitable dental floss for you. But you may have to try several kinds of dental floss until you find a dental floss suitable for you. This is usually a case of personal preference.
Floss has different shapes, such as foamed, flat and round.

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