Shimadzu's product innovation

On September 1, 2009, Shimadzu held the "2009 Shimadzu New Product Launch" at its Beijing branch, introducing Shimadzu's latest gas chromatograph GC-2010 Plus, multidimensional gas / mass mass spectrometry Use system MDGC / GCMS, atomic absorption spectrophotometer AA-7000 and AA-6300C, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer IRAffinity-1, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer UV-1750 and life science ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer BioSpec-nano and so on. Nearly 70 experts and instrument users from pharmaceutical companies, disease control centers, environmental monitoring and other units participated. The instrument information network was invited as a special media to participate.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Li Junbo, the head of Shimadzu ’s large project department, said: "2009 is the 53rd year of Shimadzu ’s production of gas chromatographs. So far, Shimadzu has sold 3 in the Chinese market. More than 10,000 gas chromatographs. On the 10th anniversary of the GC-2010 gas chromatograph, Shimadzu Corporation this year solemnly launched the latest model of gas chromatograph-GC-2010 Plus. "

Mr. Liang Zhiying, Analytical Instruments Business Unit of Shimadzu Corporation, introduced the technological innovation, performance advantages and advanced flow path technology (AFT) of GC-2010 Plus: "Their FID (hydrogen flame ionization detector), FPD (flame photometric detector ) After major innovations in design and technology, the unprecedented ultra-high sensitivity has been achieved, and the minimum detection amount can be reduced to 1.0pgC / sec and 55fgP / sec, respectively; through the column oven, flow controller and sample inlet thoroughly Optimization, and the use of new room temperature compensation technology to achieve excellent reproducibility; equipped with "dual-jet cooling system", significantly reducing the heating / cooling time; using AFT technology including backflushing system and detector shunt system It shortens the analysis time and obtains a lot of information; improves the carrier gas saving function; adopts the reverse thread to avoid the wrong link of the hydrogen pipeline, and is equipped with a switch label, which is convenient for the operator to confirm and improve the safety. "

"Shimadzu's AFT technology includes: MDGC / GCMS system, backflushing system and detector splitting system. Among them, the MDGC / GCMS system uses the new Multi Deans Switching technology, and the retention time of the chromatographic peak on column 1 even after multiple The cutting will not drift, the powerful MDGC solution control software can comprehensively set the analysis conditions of one-dimensional GC and GC / GCMS, without the need to cumbersomely switch between multiple operating software. The system can be easily split into independent GC and GC / MS are very suitable for the analysis of complex samples such as petroleum, environmental pollutants and food. "

Ms. Gu Xueqian, Shimadzu Corporation ’s Analytical Instruments Business Unit, introduced the technological innovation of Shimadzu ’s new atomic absorption spectrophotometer AA-7000: “Using the newly developed three-dimensional optical path system to combine dual-beam and single-beam technology and leverage their strengths Ensure the stability of flame analysis and further improve the sensitivity of graphite furnace analysis; configure an autosampler to reduce cross-contamination standards; in terms of safety, add a gas leak self-test function and vibration sensor, use flame retardant materials, When sudden situations such as vibration occur, the system automatically stops the fire, which further improves the safety performance of the system; in the flame emission measurement mode, the standard wavelength shift function is used to perform background correction in real time, and the measurement results are more accurate. " A new AA-6300C Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer: "It is a very cost-effective product, with a high degree of automation, especially suitable for basic education."

Finally, Ms. Gu Xueqian introduced the BioSpec-nano, a life science UV-Vis spectrophotometer that will be launched in the Chinese market: "Shimadzu has developed this product specifically for the field of life sciences. Analysis. The instrument is simple to operate and has a high degree of automation. You only need to drop the sample in the measurement position and click the button to analyze. The instrument automatically measures and wipes. "

According to reports, from now until September 10, Shimadzu will also hold new product launches in several major cities such as Nanjing, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, and Hangzhou. Shimadzu will also exhibit the above new products at BCEIA held on November 25-28, 2009

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