Shanghai Novartis Off-the-shelf Multi-speed RV30 Worm Gear Reducer

Shanghai Novartis Off-the-shelf multi-speed RV30 worm gear reducer should be firmly installed on a stable level foundation or base. The oil in the oil drain tank should be able to be eliminated and the cooling air circulates smoothly. The foundation is unreliable, causing vibration and noise during operation and causing damage to the bearings and gears. When the transmission link has protrusions or gears, sprocket drive, consideration should be given to the installation of protective devices, when the output shaft is subjected to a large radial load, the reinforced product should be selected in line with the national standard gbl0085-88 cylindrical worm gear Based on the worm parameters, it draws on the most advanced technology at home and abroad, unique square box shape structure, beautiful box shape, high quality aluminum alloy die casting, with the following advantages and performance: 1, compact mechanical structure , Compact size, small size and high efficiency; 2, good heat exchange performance, fast heat dissipation; 3, easy to install, flexible and lightweight, superior performance, easy maintenance and overhaul 4, stable operation, low noise, durable; 5, strong applicability, safety High reliability. Now it has been widely used in mechanical deceleration devices for various industrial production processes and equipments. It is highly praised by users and is the best choice for modern industrial equipment to realize high torque, high speed ratio, low noise and high stability mechanical deceleration transmission control devices.
Novartis RV series worm gear reducer Novo's basic structure is mainly composed of transmission parts worm gear, shaft, bearing, box and its accessories. Can be divided into three basic structural parts: box, worm gear, bearing and shaft combination. The box body is the base of all accessories in the worm gear reducer, and is an important accessory for supporting the fixed shaft system components, ensuring the correct relative position of the transmission components and supporting the load acting on the reducer. The main function of the worm gear is to transmit the motion and power between the two staggered shafts. The main role of the bearings and the shaft is power transmission, operation and efficiency improvement.
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