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Shanghai Haozhuang (LNB) brand intelligent carbon dioxide incubator is used in a wide range of fields such as cell biology, oncology, genetics, immunology, virus research, cytology and genetic engineering research. It is a modern medicine, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science. The ideal device for research. The carbon dioxide incubator is formed by simulating a growth environment similar to cells / tissues in the organism in the incubator, such as stable temperature (37 ° C), stable CO2 level (5%), constant pH (pH value: 7.2-7.4), a device with high relative saturation humidity (95%) to culture cells / tissue in vitro.
Comparison of heating methods of carbon dioxide incubator:
The two heating systems of CO2 incubator are gas-jacketed heating and water-jacketed heating, which are both accurate and reliable. At the same time, they have their own advantages and disadvantages.
1. Water jacket heating of carbon dioxide incubator:
Water jacket heating is to maintain a constant temperature by surrounding the inner box with an independent water jacket layer. Its advantages: water is a good thermal insulation substance. When a power failure occurs, the water jacket system can Maintaining the temperature accuracy and stability in the incubator for a relatively long time is beneficial to users who are not very stable in the experimental environment (such as limited useful electricity or frequent power outages).
2. Air-jacket heating of carbon dioxide incubator The air-jacket heating directly heats the inner box through heaters located in the air jacket layer of the box, also called six-sided direct heating.
Compared with the water jacket type, the air jacket type has the characteristics of faster heating and faster temperature recovery than the water jacket type incubator, which is particularly beneficial for short-term cultivation and cultivation that requires frequent opening and closing of the door of the box. In addition, for users, the air jacket design is simpler than the water jacket type (the water jacket type needs to add water, empty and clean the water tank, and constantly monitor the operation of the water tank, as well as potential pollution risks).
Product features of Haozhuang carbon dioxide incubator:
● The inner tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is clean and bright, and will never rust.
● Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, PID control, stable temperature control, high precision, LED high-brightness digital display, intuitive and clear.
● Double-layer door structure: After the outer door is opened, the experimental conditions of the studio are observed through the inner door made of high-strength tempered glass, and the temperature and humidity are not affected.
● The CO2 concentration sensor adopts the infrared probe imported from Finland, which can directly display the CO2 concentration in the box, and the operation is reliable.
● The independently set door heating system can effectively avoid the phenomenon of exposure on the inner door glass.
● Water pan is used for natural evaporation and humidification in the working room, and the humidity is directly displayed by the instrument.
● Ultraviolet sterilization lamp is installed in the box, which can periodically sterilize the cultivation room with ultraviolet rays, so as to more effectively prevent the pollution of cells during the cultivation.
Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument has a professional technical team to create economical and practical high-quality products for you. Our product quality is guaranteed and the price is affordable!

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