Samsung leads TV into a new era

The rapid update of electronic products has made it necessary for many brands of enterprises to continuously develop new products before they can be eliminated by the times. In my opinion, Samsung is one of the companies that like to "toss". From the myth of transcending HTC to the patent case with Apple, the Samsung Forum was held in 2014, which brought us new surprises. In particular, the reform of the TV set has taken a new era.

The most striking thing in this Samsung forum is the TV products launched by Samsung. Its appearance will soon bring Chinese consumers not only its sleek and simple design, but also the ultra-high definition quality assurance. Excellent hardware performance, smart control technology and richer application content. The curved TV developed for human visual structure and visual habits fundamentally subverts the way people watch TV and leads the new trend of the color TV industry.

If Samsung's 105-inch curved UHD TV represents the most cutting-edge technology, Samsung's world's first curved UHD TV U9800 series is a fully market-oriented product with 78-inch and 65-inch products. Available in inches and 55 inches for consumers to choose from. The ultra-slim curved screen and invisible bracket form the artistic design of “Fantasy Moon Time and Space”, which brings users the ultra-high-definition images and immersive viewing experience. At the same time, in order to maximize the advantages of the curved UHD TV, Samsung developed the world's largest curvature, and through the original "surface enamel quality" and "automatic depth of field optimization" technology to significantly enhance the surface ultra-high-definition picture quality performance.

In addition to the introduction of the curved UHD TV at this forum, Samsung also has innovations in the flat UHD TV. Introducing the world's largest 110-inch UHD TV 110S9 on the ultra-flagship product, the large screen, stunning ultra-high-definition images and the frame design that subverts the traditional TV show the ultimate UHD TV. On the mainstream UHD TV, Samsung also launched the more intimate U8500 series, which is only 1.2 inches thick, and the 7 mm (0.28 inch) extremely narrow frame gives users a visual experience that is always on the horizon. Jiachao HD quality performance is the first choice for users who choose UHD TV for the first time.

As can be seen from the reform of the TV set, Samsung has made a lot of effort in 2014. UHDTV's stunning visual effect, high-definition picture quality makes the audience feel as if they are there. The new features developed make TV no longer just a simple TV, network, entertainment, viewing can all be realized on one screen, really let the user and the TV zero distance. Consumers need to go to a formal shopping mall or online platform to purchase a TV. The Klip Mall is a shopping platform that you can trust.

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