Salt spray test chamber without spray analysis and correct treatment method

Some customers may encounter the phenomenon that the salt spray test chamber is not sprayed. If this situation is encountered, the reasons should be analyzed one by one. The following small series analyzes several factors that affect the salt spray test chamber without spraying:

1. Is there any bad air compressor?

2. There is no pressure on the front and rear pressure gauges. If the air compressor is not broken, try to adjust our pressure regulator to have no reaction. The pressure gauge on the back has 2 kg pressure. The pressure gauge on the front gauge has 1 kg pressure, indicating that the pressure gauge is good.


3. If there is pressure in the back pressure gauge and there is no pressure on the front pressure gauge, it may be that the front pressure regulating valve is broken. It is also possible that the solenoid valve that controls the spray is broken.

4. We can remove the nozzle and see if the nozzle is blocked. If the nozzle is clogged, we can use the air compressor to blow it down or pull it out with soft chicken feathers. In summary: the main reason for the salt spray test chamber not spraying is: the nozzle is blocked, the air compressor is not under pressure, the pressure gauge is broken, and the solenoid valve is broken.

The above is the knowledge and parameters of the salt spray test chamber provided by Ai Siwei. If you are interested in this product or need to know more information, please contact us directly! Ai Sizhen is always welcome to visit the Ai Siwei factory or Field trips!

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