Reuse of cosmetics

Many MMs love to hoard cosmetics , and the more they accumulate, the more outrageous cosmetics will face the fate of being thrown into the trash can. In fact, cosmetics can be reused and turned into waste. Here are some good ways to teach you that skin care products turn waste into treasure.

Water such as lotion and toner

Transfiguration plan one: If the fragrance is not right, use it to make a face with a paper film.

Transfiguration 2: If your skin is allergic, or if you don't like its fragrance, then use it to clean your computer keyboard and mobile phone.

Transfiguration plan three: simply turn it into a spray, buy an empty spray bottle, pour the toner into it, puncture two vitamin E capsules, then add it inside, a bottle of moisturizing spray is born.

Transforming Option 4: If your lotion and toner are in the same series, you can add the toner to the remaining lotion and shake it evenly so that the lotion becomes a serum.

Change plan 5: Eat a hot pot, leave a smell on the hair, spray a few times on the hair with a lotion, then use a paper towel to dry, the taste of the hot pot becomes the fragrance of the lotion.

Creams, hand creams, lipsticks, etc.

Transforming one: After cleaning and toning at night, apply a thick layer of cream on the face, about the thickness of a coin. Apply a layer of plastic wrap on your face and apply it for about fifteen minutes. Then, wipe off the excess cream and the face will be very moisturized.

Transforming plan 2: Put the cream into the refrigerator and take care of the cracked heel in the coming winter. The specific method is to apply a moisturizing cream to the feet before going to sleep at night, then wrap the feet with plastic wrap or put on cotton socks to sleep. The next day you will find the skin of the heel becomes As fresh as ever.

The transformation plan 3: The endless hand cream can be used as the leather care oil, which makes the bag or leather shoes brighter than the professional care oil.

Transfiguration plan 4: Lip balm does not want to be used, don't throw it, use it in elbows and heels. It can completely calm the dryness of your heel and the moisture is very strong.

Transforming scheme 5: Cream products can be used as moisturizing products for hair removal and primer. After washing, apply a thick layer on the body, then rinse it off, and do a special job in the beauty salon. Body membrane.

Skin care articles

There are so many bottles and cans on the table that they are often left idle because they are not suitable for use or if they do not like the fragrance. In fact, there are other uses for endless lotions and creams. As long as you care, "chicken ribs" skin care products can be turned into baby.


Transfiguration plan 1: If you have not had a shelf life, use a cotton pad to apply lotion. In places with small wrinkles such as knee joints and neck, gently wipe along the lines of the skin, and the moisturizing effect is very good.

Transforming plan 2: maintenance leather gloves, leather boots or leather sofas. Gently wipe the leather with a soft cotton cloth. The high-quality oil in the lotion is a good nourishing ingredient for leather. It also cleans the dirt on the leather and repairs small scratches. Absolutely the finest leather care products.

Transfiguration plan 3: If your skin is super dry, use a powder to peel off the skin, you can try to pour a small amount of lotion on the powder cake, pry it off and then take the powder of the powder core. In this way, the powder will be obedient on the face.

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