Repair exercises from the United States, give you running!

This is a RobynLaLonde coach from Chicago repair operation can be within 15 minutes, increase blood circulation, relax muscles, reduce pain and fatigue. When resting or relaxed, you can cook a Monday to three times. Before doing this repair operation, the first thing 90 seconds very dynamic warm-up, stand up straight and bend, swing leg, then repeat the following five actions as a cycle.

Repair exercises from the United States, give you <a name='InnerLinkKeyWord' href='http://' target='_blank'>Run</a>!

ThisactiverecoveryroutinefromChicago-basedrunningcoachRobynLaLondeincreasescirculation, loosensmuscles, andflushesoutsorenessandfatigue-allinlessthan15minutes.Completeitonrestoreasy-runningdaysatleastonceaweekandasmanyasthreetimesperweek.Startwitha90-seconddynamicwarmupofstandingtrunktwistsandlegswings, nextdothesefivemovesstraightthroughasonecircuit, andthenrepeatallfivemovesagain.

Skater IceSkaters

Stand straight, feet apart 3 feet wide, toes and feet forward. Lower your body into a squat, then extend your right foot to the rear of the diagonal, behind the left leg, then let your toes touch the ground, hold on for a second, then twist your hips and jump out to your right in a jumping position. left foot, right foot into the back of the left foot, then repeat on the other side. Repeat the action about 30 ten seconds about 15-20 times.

Standwithyourlegsabout3feetapart, feetandtoespointedforward.Loweryourbodytoagentlesquat, thenbringyourrightfootdiagonallybehindyourleftlegandtouchyourtoedown.Holdforonesecond, thenfireupyourglutesandpushoffyourleftfootinajumpingmovementtotheright.Bringtheleftfootdiagonallybehindtheright, thenrepeatonthatside.Continuetopushleftandrightfor30seconds-about15to20repstotal.

Reverse lunge BackwardLunges

Take a step back from the right foot. Lower your hips until your left thigh is parallel to the floor and your right knee is close but not touching the ground. Pause for 2 seconds, contracting the quadriceps and hamstrings back to the starting action. Repeat the movement for one minute (about 12 times per leg)

Takeastepbackwithyourrightfoot.Loweryourhipsuntilyourleftthighisparalleltothefloorandyourrightkneeiscloseto(butnottouching)thefloor.Pausefortwoseconds, thenpressyourleftheelintothefloorandcontractyourquadsandhamstringstoreturntostart.Repeat,alternatinglegs,foroneminute(about12repsperleg).

Walking down the squatting WalkingSquats

Down in a half-squatting position, hips back, look up, knees but not toes. Take control and take five steps to the right. Keep the squat posture, and the two arms do the arm posture when running five times. Then go five steps to the left and repeat. Repeat on the left and right sides again, twice on each side, about 45 seconds.

Lowerintoasquat, withbuttback, andheadup, andkneesnotpassingtoes.Takefivecontrolledstepstotheright.Remaininsquattedpositionanddofiverunning-armswingswitheacharm.Walkfivestepstotheleftandrepeat.Repeatonemoretimeineachdirection,foratotaloftworepseachwayandabout45seconds.

Cantilever supporting plate PlankWithSingle-ArmExtensions

Start with a flat-plate support that bends your arms, straighten one arm forward, support the body with the other arm to keep it steady, then stretch as much as possible, slow down your breathing (if you are shaking, don't be nervous, this is normal). After ten seconds, retract the arm for the other hand. Repeat each arm three times in one minute.


Climber MountainClimbers

Make a push-up action, extend the right knee to the chest, inside the elbow, and then retract to the initial movement. Then do the left and speed up as much as possible. This set of actions is repeated 7 times. Then, when doing this set of exercises, put your knees out of your elbows and repeat the set of movements 7 times in one minute.

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