Process and Features Introduction of Locking Bookmark Connection

The development of wireless perfect binding has gradually matured. However, in order to achieve the "green printing" target enterprise as soon as possible, post-press colleagues are still working hard, and in recent years, they have developed a new technology of perfect binding-lock-style bookbinding law. The new process promotes the constant transformation and development of book binding methods, and makes the technology of wireless perfect binding process move towards a more scientific and healthy direction. The following is a brief introduction to the process of the lock-type signature binding method, and to understand the low-carbon energy saving and quality effect it brings to the book binding process.

Locking book signature coupling method technology

The lock-type book signature coupling method is a wireless binding process method that does not require milling and slotting. It is well reflected after the test and has great promotion value. Recently, several publishing houses and printing factories in Beijing have also tried one after another with good results.

The lock-type signature connection method is to install a special patented knife device before the last folding roller (or on the folding roller) of the folding machine before processing, and remove the left and right edges of the last folding seam of the signature from the inside Cross cut to the outside to form a regular glue penetration, the distance between the crack mark and the crease is only 0.8 ~ 1.0mm, and the length of the breach is 8 ~ 13mm; after the slit is cut, a trapezoidal blade with a cross shape is formed. The blade of each crease and the adjacent signature are bitten tightly and firmly adhered to each other after being glued, so as to achieve the purpose of wireless binding and binding of the locked signature.

The characteristics and advantages of the lock-type signature connection method

1. Low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection

(1) Save working hours and improve efficiency. The lock-type book signature coupling method saves the milling back slotting device and its purchase capital, which not only reduces costs, saves man-hours, but also improves processing speed and efficiency, and ensures product quality.

(2) Eliminate noise and paper dust, and purify the environment. Because the lock-type book signature coupling method does not require milling and pulling grooves, it can greatly eliminate noise and paper dust reorganization, purify the workshop environment, and at the same time, there is no foreign matter in the glue pot, which ensures the quality of the glue liquid.

(3) Save paper. The width of each signature is increased by 32mm without the need for milling and slotting, and because of the support of the broken blade, the single-sheet or web printing machine with a size of 880mm × 1230mm can process A5 format (size 210mm × 148mm) books and periodicals, and such books and periodicals can not be produced if using the milling and slotting process. Since then, they have saved a lot of paper and money.

(4) Save energy and reduce costs. Under normal circumstances, the power consumption cost of wireless binding binding line milling back is about 210 yuan per 24 hours, and the power consumption cost of the single-machine milling back of the disc package machine and the elliptical binding machine is about 120 yuan per 24 hours. ; If it is calculated based on 24 days of start-up per month, the stand-alone machine without milling back groove device can save about 1600 yuan per month, and the wireless binding line can save about 5,000 yuan. It can be seen from this that the lock-type signature connection method can save the country a lot of energy and reduce the processing cost of enterprises. [next]

2. Improve product quality is guaranteed

(1) It has good leveling when reading. The bonding method of the lock-type book signature coupling method is the trapezoidal lock-type bonding of the blade bite (the milling back slot is the overlapping bonding) software, which can achieve a very good flattening effect when reading and flipping, bringing convenience to the reader.

(2) Ensure the integrity of the page drawing illustration. When there is a folding picture in the book, since the folding seam is not slotted by the back milling (milled 1.5mm, slotted 1.5mm), the illustration picture can be guaranteed to be intact.

(3) Solve the problem of page loss, and ensure that the book pages are firmly bonded. In the processing, it is only necessary to ensure that the front and back processes are accurately matched, the slotting knife is sharp and the slotting is accurate, and the adhesive is used properly, it can ensure that the book is firmly bonded, and there is no phenomenon of loose pages. The bonding strength can generally reach 7.2 ~ 9.5 N / cm (the qualification standard issued by the International Standards Committee is 4.5 N / cm).

The above are the advantages of the lock-type book signature coupling method, but it also has an imperfect side, because after the broken blade is cut on the cover of the package, formed by the support, and cut, the upper and lower (top and bottom) cutouts of the book back will not be beautiful. neat. But overall, the advantages of this process are many and worth promoting.

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