Popular COSER Enako annual income of 20 million animation production company, the profit is only 100 million

From July 28 to August 5, 2018, the World COSPLAY Summit held in Nagoya, Japan, attracted representatives from 36 countries. Fans all over the world are constantly injecting enthusiasm into the COSPLAY culture.
This field, which was once criticized by some 80s and 90s as a bad business, has become an enviable career option. At the same time that Japan's popular COSER Enako broke its annual income by more than 20 million yen, the 2017 animation industry's A-1 Pictures net profit was 109 million yen – that is, Enako's annual income is almost equivalent to A. -1 1/5 of the annual net profit of Pictures.

This year, isn’t it better to be a COSER when doing animation?
On the one hand, COSPLAY is still a part of people's amateur interest in the love of the second-yuan culture; on the other hand, the high income of the popular COSER burst, so that outsiders are also amazed.
From interest development to career, what does COSPLAY bring to COSER?
Japanese professional COSER has a maximum monthly income of 1 million yen, but ordinary COSER does not reach the "high income" level.
The phenomenon that COSPLAY has changed from the extension of a hobby to a career that brings economic income has not appeared in recent years. As early as 2010, the magazine "COSMODE", which focused on the COSPLAY culture, investigated the COSER income level at that time.
The survey divided the subjects into students and social people, effectively answering 391 people, of which women accounted for the majority, about 90%. In the student COSER, in addition to less than 10,000 pocket money, the largest proportion is 50,000-60,000 yen, accounting for 31%. The average income of student COSER is 29,284 yen, which is about RMB 2,100 at the current exchange rate level. And most of their spending on COSPLAY is between 1-3 million yen, or about 750-2200 yuan.

In terms of social people, 45% of COSER income is in the range of 100,000 to 150,000 yen, accounting for the largest proportion; and the income of 15-20 million yen is 23%. The average income was 166,800 yen, which was about 12,000 yuan at that time. The COSER spends a monthly fee of 20,000-50,000 yen (about RMB 1,500-3,700 yuan) in the relevant fields, accounting for 42%, followed by 1-2 million yen and 50,000-100,000 yen. The intervals are 21% each.
So after seven years, what is the development of the Japanese COSER now?
According to Japan's COSPLAY critic Niu Shizhen, there are currently about 4-50,000 COSERs in Japan. Among them, there are 1,000 people participating in club activities such as merchandising. In large-scale events, photography sessions, CD-ROMs, photo albums, etc., can be sold for 30,000 to 1 million yen (about 1800-62,000 yuan). Among them, there is also an activity that can earn 3 million yen (about 180,000 yuan) and an annual income of 12 million yen (about 740,000 yuan). If you include video distribution, SNS advertising revenue, people who earn above this level are also available. But the annual income exceeds the barrier of 10 million yen, which is not so simple for most people. In addition to large-scale events, COSER will also hold weekly photography sessions. The group shooting price is 3,000 yen, and the personal shooting is 1-3 million yen.
Enako, believed to be standing at the top of the COSER Pyramid in Japan, broke out in the late-night program called "Yi Ji" in February and August 2018, and broke his annual income of 20 million yen (about 1.24 million yuan). ), the average monthly income is about 1 million. In the month of the COMIC MAKET (Japan's largest fan exhibition), the monthly income can exceed 10 million. Therefore, the program group speculated that Enako's actual income was nearly 30 million yen (about 1.86 million yuan).
There is only one person at the top of the pyramid and it does not reflect the overall level of COSER. However, the income situation of COSERs has attracted widespread attention from the Japanese media. Another popular COSER "Yu Gaya" signed an artist's office. According to Japanese media speculation, in the heyday before the marriage of cartoonists (2016), Yuga’s monthly income was 1 million yen. However, in the report, she said that the actual income of the firm's distribution system is about 500,000 yen. AbemaTV also tracked the professional COSER and amateur COSER in the "Giving Details" broadcast on June 3 this year. It is considered to be the most popular young COSER in the "URAMARU", is a 21-year-old professional COSER signed by COSPLAY. The firm is 12COMPANY and was established in March 2018. The income structure of Puwan is based on “the firm's fixed salary + part of the merchandise commission”. Although the monthly income is uncertain, it is about 300,000 yen (about 18,000 yuan). On the other hand, there is no contracting firm, and COSER “Meiji”, which is interested in hobbies, has a monthly income of 500,000 yen, of which COSPLAY brings only 50,000 yen.

If the income of Puwan is similar to the average monthly income level of Japan's COSER, then the growth rate is about 80% compared with the average of 2010. For reference, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's 2018 "General Survey of the Structure of Wage Structure in 2009" shows that the average monthly income of female general workers in 2017 was 246,100 yen, or about RMB 15,000. The difference between the income level of Puwan and the income of women in the general workplace in Japan is not obvious.
How does Japan COSER make money?
Japan's COSER has a variety of income methods. Amateur COSER has more personality and freedom than professional COSER due to the business differences of the firm. It is worth noting that whether it is the COSER of recent exposure income or the 2010 survey, female COSER has always occupied the main body. Therefore, in the work content of Japan COSER, the proportion of “male to” components is not small.
In summary, the main work content of Japan COSER generally has the following aspects.
1, photography meeting
Photography can be said to be one of the most important sources of income for COSERs, and it is also an opportunity to gain popularity. The audience of the photography conference is dominated by photographers called "Camera". With the popularity of COSER, the membership fee ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 yen, and some are higher. For example, in "Giving Details", a photo conference fee for Pu Maru is 10,000 yen, and a total of 23 people participate. The frequency of photography held at Puwan is basically 2-3 times a month. The amateur COSER Meiji, the frequency of photography will be held once every three months. In addition to taking pictures of COSER, participants can also take photos with COSER. The price of a general photo is 1000 yen.
In general, the main factors affecting the income of photography are the price of membership fees, the number of participants and the frequency of attendance.
2, the sale of surrounding goods
In addition to taking pictures at the photography meeting, there are also sales activities of surrounding goods such as photo albums, CDs, badges, and T-shirts. This part of the income also varies according to popularity and scale of activity.
3. The audience of the live broadcast platform rewards
Some popular COSER will also perform live interaction on the video distribution platform and SNS platform, and fans' rewards in the program can be converted into cash. For example, Enako's live broadcast can be up to 200,000 yen (about 12,000 yuan).
4. Artistic development
Now, there are many firms that specialize in COSER, and many COSERs also choose to register for a job. Due to the differences in the business direction of different firms, COSER's work content will be different. However, the professional COSER of the contracting firm is relatively more inclined to the development of artist and idol. In addition to being a COSPLAY model, general graphic models, presenters, singers, stage actors, TV actors, seiyuu, radio performers, character designers, COSPLAY contest judges, etc., COSER in many fields have penetrated.

COSPLAYCASTING business and quotation
Take the business content and fee list published by COSPLAY AGENCY and COSPLAYCASTING two COSER special offices as an example. It can be seen that the work content of COSER and the average artist's coincidence are getting higher and higher.

However, due to the signing of the firm, COSER's income will be subject to the firm's distribution system. It is not known how many of the fees shown in the above list will be taken away by the firm. However, according to the report on "Giving Details", in the photography meeting where Pumaru once had a total income of 277,000 yen, only 2-3 percent of the sales of the goods were owned by Guipu.
5, other
In addition to the official performances, COSPLAY-themed restaurants or COSPLAYSHOP and other places also need COSER's debut. In addition, the use of COS as a sideline amateur COSER, the income channel outside the photography meeting is more flexible.
In general, COSER's revenue sources are mainly in photography, performances and merchandising. At the same time, due to different popularity, COSER's income gap is also quite large.
Who can be a professional COSER?
When COSPLAY is a hobby, it is a cultural matter of relying on power generation and zero threshold. But when COSPLAY becomes a profession, the demand for COSER will also rise.
The look and body are good enough to make good-looking photos, and the requirements on this type of appearance are of course basic. However, based on gender differences, the requirements for COSER are also different. For example, COSPLAY special office 12COMPANY said in an interview that when choosing COSER, it will consider which type of the most popular, especially female COSER, the opinions from men will pay special attention. It seems that in addition to appearance, personality and temperament are also important reference factors for professional COSER.
With the development of artistry, the intrinsic ability of professional COSER has also begun to be expected. In order to develop in the field of singing, performance, dubbing and other arts, it is also necessary for COSER to have relevant potential and receive training.
The firm COSKIKAKU has listed several advantages of COSER. As a reference, we can explore what qualifications are needed to become a good professional COSER.
1. Expressiveness and resilience
Because COSPLAY is a real-life reproduction of characters in animation, comics, and games, it is especially important for the original and the experience and performance of the characters, and is the key to attracting users of core content. Skilled skills such as makeup techniques, wig handling, and the use of props are also indispensable.
2, affinity
With the increasing number of occasions where COSER and users are in direct contact, COSER's own affinity is becoming more and more important. In the case of exchange meetings, live interactions, etc., COSER's own personality is further revealed and becomes a attraction point.
3, versatile
Today's COSER is not only COSER, but also a model, host, seiyuu, and actor. In the live broadcast, you also need to display a variety of specialties. Therefore, in order to include the ability or potential of foreign language ability, COSER is best to have one or two, in order to walk the rivers and lakes.
Overall, it is not that easy to become a professional COSER with better economic income. After all, like Enako, standing at the top of the income pyramid is a minority. It remains to be seen how the COSPLAY economy will go.

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