PET bottle manufacturers need to do raw material procurement and deployment work

As a plastic bottle manufacturer, especially a PET bottle manufacturer, it is necessary not only to manage the production and sales links but also to purchase PET polyester raw materials. China Packaging Network believes that if the procurement of raw materials can be scientifically deployed, for PET bottle manufacturers will greatly enhance their competitiveness in the market.

We all know that the price of raw materials for PET polyester chips tends to fluctuate greatly with the changes in the price of oil, and sometimes there is a big difference every month or even every day. However, the price of finished PET bottles tends to be relatively stable. Manufacturers are not free to adjust product prices. Therefore, when PET raw material prices are operating at a high level, the risk of production will increase sharply for plastic bottle manufacturers that do not have stocks, especially small-scale enterprises in the city.

How to reduce the market risk caused by this market change is a question for a plastic bottle manufacturer. If a large number of PET raw materials are purchased at low prices, it will increase the cost of warehouse use and management. Therefore, a reasonable allocation and the timely procurement of raw materials based on changes in the market is a very big issue and worthy of consideration. China Packaging Network also hopes that colleagues in the plastic bottle industry, if you have relatively good operating experience in this area, can contact us to share your experience with everyone.

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