Paint-free ecological board 10 major brands to create a good home environmental protection from the maintenance of the floor

If the laminate flooring is not well maintained, it will have many adverse effects on the home life.

Environmentally-friendly sheet of Baibao today introduces a very practical method of laminate flooring maintenance, I hope to help you.


Always ventilate. Especially in rooms without people, the long-term vacant room is most likely to be arched and curled, so be sure to check and ventilate regularly.

Keep the floor dry and clean. Do not use the mop to drip the floor, or use alkaline water or soapy water to wipe the floor to avoid damaging the paint surface. If the surface of the board is inadvertently stained, it should be removed in time. If it is glued, it can be scrubbed with warm cloth and a small amount of washing powder. If it is a drug or a pigment, it must be removed before the stain penetrates into the wood surface to avoid damaging the floor.



Avoid rubbing the floor with a wet mop every day, benefiting once a week. When using a mop, be sure to wring the water and wipe the floor. When there is dust on the floor of the wooden floor, use a vacuum cleaner as much as possible.

Slippers worn during bathing should not be worn in rooms with floors. After the slippers pass through for a period of time, the sole will wear out, and a lot of water will be sucked in the bath. After washing the bath and wearing the slippers into the room with the floor, the floor will absorb the water in the slippers and then appear to be wrapped and curled.



In the rainy season, when there is no one in the room with wooden floors, the windows should be closed to avoid unnecessary damage caused by rain and wet floors.

Sauna weather, hot and humid, the floor is easy to arch, then the air conditioning dehumidification function should be turned on to reduce the humidity in the house and avoid arching.





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