OL temperament makeup has a good relationship in the workplace

In the office, it is essential to have a professional look that has a good personal temperament. Modern women's makeup in the office does not reflect their own personality. We need personalized professional makeup. Now the stylist will teach you to create the present temperament. Professional makeup, let you have a good relationship in the office.

Create easy to learn OL makeup

Professional makeup can't hinder the normal operation of the work, it should not be too obvious, it should be soft. Make sure you look natural when making up. Professional makeup requires the right skills. You should look very attractive at the same time, but also quite confident, to maximize your positive personality characteristics.

After completing the basic steps before makeup, you can start to create a professional look that suits you. Professional stylists believe that if your face is clean and flawless, then don't use foundation. Under the fluorescent light in the office, the foundation looks unnatural, and even makes people feel that there are many spots on your face. We can replace the foundation with concealer, but make sure the effect is fully coordinated. On the other hand, if you really want to use a foundation (for example, the skin is not smooth enough), add some toner or water to the foundation, which will make the foundation look more natural.

Eyebrows: Try not to use black eyebrow pencil

OL temperament makeup, workplace has a good relationship

It is best to correct the eyebrow shape the night before you need makeup. Note that the eyebrows should not be repaired too short. The length should start from the top of the eye to the top of the eye. Do not exceed it. If you want to highlight the eyebrows, you can use the eyebrow pencil to deepen the shadow of the eyebrows during makeup. Don't use a black eyebrow pencil, it is best to choose a special brown eyebrow pencil.

Blush: blush powder is better than blush cream

OL temperament makeup, workplace has a good relationship

Blush powder is better than blush cream, which makes people look dry at night. In the office environment, you can try the warm color of the earth gold, this color will look natural under the fluorescent light, and the pink blush is not suitable for professional makeup, it will make your skin tone look artificial. Women with dark skin should use brown, terracotta and maroon.

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