Numerous benefits of recycling glass bottles

Recycling glass bottles is both simple and beneficial. It is in line with sustainable development strategies and can save energy and protect natural resources. So, let us look at the benefits of recycling glass bottles.

First, it can improve efficiency. The glass bottles that people recycle are mainly used to make new glass bottle containers. A glass bottle container consists of 70% recycled glass bottles. According to industry assessments, about 80% of the recovered glass bottles are eventually made into new glass bottle containers.

Second, it can protect the environment. A glass bottle that is thrown into the trash can take 1 million years to break down. Instead, it takes only 30 days for the bottles you recycle to appear on the new glass container shelf.

Again, recycling glass bottles can save energy. Making new glass bottles requires heating sand and other raw materials at extremely high temperatures, consuming large amounts of energy and causing a lot of industrial pollution. One of the steps to recycle the glass bottles is to crush the glass bottles into a new product called “cullet.” The glass bottles made from this “cullet.” consume 40% less than the glass bottles made from raw materials. Energy, because "cullet." can melt at a relatively low temperature.

Finally, natural resources can be conserved. For every ton of glass bottles recovered, one ton of raw materials can be saved for processing into new glass bottles, including 1300 pounds of sand, 410 pounds of soda ash, and 380 pounds of limestone.

Glass recycling is very helpful and simple. Because glass bottles are made from a mixture of natural resources such as sand, limestone, etc., it is not easy to chemically react with other materials. Therefore, recycling glass bottles is safe. In addition, as the main ingredient in the production of new glass bottles, recycled glass bottles have many commercial uses - producing decorative tiles, landscape materials, and rebuilding eroded beaches. Recycling glass bottles is a very simple process. You can put waste glass bottles in a nearby collection point.

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