New Year's entertainment, curing your tender skin

The arrival of the New Year will always make people busy, many invitations to entertain, party happy, want to have a personal face makeup, a stunning appearance, you must maintain moisturizing skin in advance. Beauty often goes through a few “dehydration” scenes of the skin, which is easier to dry and peel than usual, so it is necessary to strengthen the special moisturizing offensive. New Year's entertainment, don't hesitate to take care of your skin !

New Year's entertainment, curing your tender skin

The beautiful women are all in the size of the scene, the light makeup is every day, and the evening banquet is also heavy makeup. Everyone has experience, the powder on the nose will be mottled after makeup, and the scary dry lines appear in the corners of the eyes. Many people are eager to make their skin "drink" after makeup, can they?

Choice: Generally, this product is a translucent gel, which is a little moisturizing. It must be applied quickly on the skin. If it is difficult to absorb and is too greasy, it is not suitable for use after makeup.

Use: It is best not to use the whole face, otherwise it is easy to make up the makeup. Just apply it to key areas such as nose, mouth, corners, and striated lines. Do not massage and circle when applying, gently press up, pat a few times, be sure to avoid makeup shift, you should "shoot in place".

Tips: Post-makeup remedies are not the best way. If you want to make up your makeup, it is best to apply this product to your face before applying it to the foundation. After it is completely absorbed, it will be very moist.