New Progress in Research of Transparent Functional Ceramic Materials

The transparent functional ceramic material is an optically transparent functional material, and it has excellent electro-optic effects in addition to the basic characteristics of general ferroelectric ceramics. Through the control of the components, it can exhibit the effects of electrically controlled birefringence, electrically controlled light scattering, electrically controlled surface distortion, electrostrictive effect, pyroelectric effect, photovoltaic effect, and photostrictive effect.
Transparent ceramics can be made into electro-optical, electro-mechanical and civilian dual-use devices for various purposes: optical switches for optical communications, optical attenuators, optical isolators, optical storage, displays, real-time display pagers, and optical fiber interconnections. Micro-displacement actuators for applications such as fiber optic splices and optical attenuators. Light intensity sensor, light driver.
The electro-optic shutter device made of transparent ceramic has the obvious advantages of low operating voltage, fast response, large switching ratio, large size, good machinability, and low cost: (1) Half-wave voltage ~ 650 volts; (2) Switch Ratio greater than 1000:1; (3) Response speed: ms ~ ms level; (4) The wavelength can be continuously modulated, the color is true, the image text is clear (5) The size area is up to F ~ 10cm. The above performance indicators can be designed and adjusted according to user requirements.
It is understood that the Shanghai Silicate Research Institute is the only company in China capable of producing practically transparent PLZT transparent ceramics (and thin films), which is currently available to troops and enterprises.

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