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NantianBST series bank self-service terminal is a financial special product developed by Nantian Company based on the deep understanding of China's banking business and based on ISO9001 international quality certification system. Since 1997, it has been recognized and praised by the majority of bank users since it was introduced to the market. NantianBST series products provide banks with complete solutions for self-service terminal systems such as passbook replacement, multimedia information inquiry, intermediary payment and other intermediate services, and statement printing, which meet the needs of banks at different levels. In particular, after the establishment of the financial equipment division of the joint-stock company, the company invested more in the research and development of BST products, and successively launched a new generation of BST series products and application software development platform Ver2.0.1 version, so that BST series bank self-service terminal system Based on the overall suitability of the national conditions, it also has leading technical advantages.
It is one of the leading ideas of NantianBST products to protect China's financial electronic construction. Facing the impact of WTO accession, financial electronicization will be an important strategic means to improve the competitiveness of China's banks. The use of self-service equipment is an effective way to improve financial electronic services, and is of great significance for the implementation of financial electronicization.
The Nantian BST series of self-service terminals have a clear leading edge in hardware configuration, application development and structural modeling, and can provide users with a comprehensive non-cash processing self-service solution. The functions that the series can achieve are as follows:
● Passbook replenishment and balance inquiry function: The passbook is automatically aligned and automatically replenished. After the depositor inserts the passbook, the magnetic stripe information reading, passbook printing, and magnetic stripe information update can be completed at one time, or the function can be reduced according to the user's needs.
●Financial card inquiry: The service target is the majority of merchants and depositors, mainly to complete the balance inquiry of the financial card (for business, private credit card, savings card, IC card) account, historical details and so on.
● Statement printing: Printing of financial card statements. The PR2 printers in NantianBST products can print passbooks and papers, and print the papers with PR2 to print the bills. The thermal printer can print the private statement.
● Intermediate business: mainly complete the collection/payment function, such as: bank transfer, collection of telephone charges, water charges, electricity charges, gas fees, taxes, etc., as well as related business inquiries.
● Real-time financial information inquiry: Provide depositors with interest information such as savings interest, loan interest rate and exchange rate through vivid voice, text and multimedia interfaces.
● Banking publicity: As a window for banks to face the society, NantianBST can provide banking and business inquiries for merchants and depositors, such as: wealth management business, public business, financial card processing, credit business, international business, business network distribution, customer complaints And consulting telephones, etc.
● As a strong company in the financial field, Nantian Company has developed and developed its financial special equipment from the initial single product for more than ten years, and has developed into the most comprehensive equipment in the same industry in China, with the largest number of self-owned products and market scale. The largest and most applicable domestic financial equipment-leading manufacturer.

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