Modified Atmosphere Packaging Film - Seven Co-Extruded Films

Modified atmosphere fresh packaging also known as MAP or CAP abroad, the domestic call it adjusted packaging or replacement gas packaging, inflatable packaging. It adopts packaging material Nylon co-extruded high-resistance separator with gas barrier property - seven-layer co-extruded film packaging food, the root will be surely compared to O2 + CO2 + N2, N2 + O2, O2 + CO2 mixed gas according to customer's actual demand. Into the package, to prevent the quality of food in the physical, chemical, biological and other aspects of the decline or slow down the quality of the speed, so as to extend the shelf life of food, enhance food value.

Application range:

Can be widely used in meat, poultry, fish and fruits and vegetables and other fresh foods, cooked meat products, bread, cakes and other baked food packaging. The modified food package has been favored by food processors and consumers because it can maintain the original taste, color, shape and nutrition of foods and achieve a longer shelf life.

The role of CO2, N2:

Obstructs the propagation of aerobic and mold microorganisms. N2 does not react chemically with food and is not absorbed by food. It can reduce the oxygen content in the package, greatly inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria, slow down the oxidative deterioration and rot of food. Change so that food is kept fresh. Nitrogen-filled packaged foods can also prevent the crushing and crushing of foods, bond or shrink foods, maintain the geometric shape of foods, and have the advantages of dryness, brittleness, flavor, and color. At present, nitrogen-filled packaging is rapidly replacing traditional vacuum packaging for use in fried potato chips and fries, oil cooking foods, etc. Consumers are particularly fond of children's youth, nitrogen-filled packaging is eager to apply more food packaging. .

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