Mattress or formaldehyde into the standard, the overall home formaldehyde content should be considered

How do you have a pungent smell when you just bought a curtain? Miss White Wei complained to reporters. The reporter learned that formaldehyde is not only in panel furniture, but also in curtains, mattresses, fabric sofas, etc. Industry insiders remind that home health not only pays attention to the formaldehyde content of single-use household items, but also The overall formaldehyde content of the room was measured and identified.

Mattress or formaldehyde into the standard

The China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Working Committee and the National Indoor Environmental Quality Inspection Center recently jointly issued indoor environmental pollution warnings: the formaldehyde over-standard of mattresses is more serious than the decoration and furniture pollution, and should be alert to the formaldehyde pollution caused by household mattresses.

According to reports, the main reason for the formaldehyde pollution of mattresses is that in order to save costs, individual manufacturers use fabrics and sponges that have exceeded the standard of formaldehyde as bedding materials. The mattresses that are filled out are of course too high in formaldehyde; some coconut palm or mountain brown As a bedding material, in the process of making brown sheets, some manufacturers blindly added a large amount of adhesives in order to enhance the strength and hardness of the brown sheets. The formaldehyde is continuously released from the adhesive, causing the formaldehyde to exceed the standard seriously. In addition, the luxury is super thick. The filling of the mattress is a urine aldehyde resin bubble formed by the combination of urea and formaldehyde. Once the manufacturer's process is not enough, the formaldehyde is easily decomposed.

The data shows that the mattress is closest to people's respiratory tract and skin. A person sleeps in bed for at least 6 hours a day. Some old, weak, sick and children spend more time in bed. If there is pollution problem, it is good for human health. The hazards are much larger than the renovation and furniture. According to industry insiders, since the mattress is used in the bedroom, and the space in the bedroom is relatively small, it is easy to cause formaldehyde pollution in the bedroom. In addition, the surface of the mattress is a textile material, and the inside is an uncontrollable material, which cannot be closed, and the formaldehyde pollution is more serious.

Curtains, fabric sofas also contain formaldehyde?

I have heard that plate furniture and solid wood furniture contain formaldehyde. I did not expect that curtains, mattresses and fabric sofas also contain formaldehyde! The reporter interviewed a number of consumers, and they all said that they did not know about it. "Now, although everyone talks about formaldehyde, there should be very little understanding of this." Miss Peng, who works in a state-owned enterprise in Guicheng, said.

Zhou Xiong, director of the Shunde Furniture Research and Development Institute Training Center, said that in fact, curtains, fabric sofas and mattresses all contain fabrics, which belong to chemical fiber and contain formaldehyde. "In the market, irregular manufacturers produce inferior curtains and mattresses. The situation is more serious. Although the specific data is not available, the price of some inferior curtains is several times cheaper than the curtains of regular businesses."

Peng Liang, dean and professor of furniture design institute of Shunde Vocational and Technical College, also pointed out that most of the fabric parts in household products have printing. In the later stages of printing and dyeing, it is necessary to add a variety of dyes, auxiliaries and finishing agents, many of which are Contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. The sponge used in mattresses and fabric sofas is a petroleum accessory and will also release formaldehyde.

The overall home formaldehyde content should be considered

“Household products contain formaldehyde is not terrible!” Professor Peng Liang reminded that as long as its limited range is within the reach of the human body, it will not cause harm to the human body. Zhou Xiong also pointed out that in the case of curtains, it is generally hung in the window, and the ventilation is better. The formaldehyde will quickly evaporate, so don't worry.

However, Wei Baoming, former director of the Lecong Office of the Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, told the Foshan Daily reporter that it is meaningless to consider the formaldehyde limit of a single household item at home health. He suggested that the owner should pay more attention to the formaldehyde content of the whole household. "Maybe a piece of furniture does not exceed the standard, and two pieces of furniture are not exceeding the standard. However, all the formaldehyde volatilized by the furniture will cause great harm to the body." He introduced that he knew a landlord, the size of the building was not large but the decoration It is extremely complicated. The wardrobe, table, bed and floor are all solid wood, and there are many decorative items. "It is difficult to make formaldehyde in such a house not exceed the standard."

More ventilation and ventilation to formaldehyde

Peng Liang pointed out that the most important thing to reduce indoor formaldehyde content is to buy regular, branded furniture and home furnishings. "With regular household items, pay more attention to ventilation and ventilation in the room. Generally, formaldehyde can be completely released in a few weeks. If necessary, professional institutions are required to carry out indoor formaldehyde content testing before they can safely stay."

In this regard, Zhou Xiong agreed. He believes that although there are many ways to remove formaldehyde in the later stage, it is best to control the release of formaldehyde from the source, that is, to purchase regular branded household items.

"In the interior decoration materials, the high formaldehyde content includes wood-based panels, glues, paints, sponges, etc. These decorative materials, in particular, should be selected from environmentally-friendly building materials certified by formal testing institutions." Peng Liang reminded.

Wei Baoming believes that the more complex the decoration, the more decorative materials used, the higher the formaldehyde content. Indoor home decoration should pursue maximum functionality and simple decoration.


1, the curtains that have just been bought, it is best to soak in the clear water, but also fish indoors. Formaldehyde is easily soluble in water and can reduce formaldehyde content as quickly as possible.

2, raise some green broad-leaved plants, help to absorb and alleviate the concentration of formaldehyde, such as spider plants, aloe vera and so on.

3, can be placed in the appropriate position of activated carbon, adsorption of formaldehyde, but the effect is relatively slow. 4. Use formaldehyde scavenger. It is best to use an air purifier that does not cause secondary pollution.

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