Main technologies used in system integration

System integration is the comprehensive use and perfect combination of a number of computer and network related technologies. The technologies used in general projects are mainly organic house design and structured wiring, network platforms, network management, network security, servers, network storage, network applications, support Platform and application software technologies.

1. Computer room design and structured wiring design

The computer room is a place where key network equipment such as core network equipment, core wiring equipment, and network servers are placed. It is very important for the standardized design of the computer room. Important aspects related to computer room design include temperature and humidity control, anti-static, lightning protection, sun protection, computer room power supply, and UPS power supply.

Structured cabling is the physical medium for network connection, and it should be a priority in the implementation phase of the system.

2. Network platform technology

We define the network platform technology as the basic network technology to ensure the end-to-end connectivity of the network. The network platform technology mainly includes local area network, metropolitan area network, wide area network, TCP / IP, routing protocol and other technologies.

3. Network management technology

Network management technology is the collective name of a series of technologies based on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). It is the management of online devices such as switches, routers, servers, and workstations. Network management is playing an increasingly important role in medium and large-scale networks.

4. Network security technology

Network security technology is the general term for all network security related technologies including access control, intrusion detection, security vulnerability scanning, firewall and network anti-virus. In the current situation where the scale of the network continues to expand and the objects of network access are complex and diverse, the practical significance of network security technology is very prominent.

5. Server technology

The server technology mainly has two aspects of hardware and software. In terms of hardware, there are CPUs based on RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) and CPUs based on CISC (Complex Instruction Computer); in terms of software, there are UNIX systems and non-UNIX systems. The server is a provider of network information resources, and accordingly, the server technology is also very important.

6. Support platform and application software technology

Software support platform refers to software such as Internet / Intranet basic services and database platform. Application software refers to a software platform customized and developed according to user needs.

7. Network storage technology

With the in-depth application of information technology, the requirements for information storage are getting higher and higher, mainly reflected in the requirements for storing better information, storing information more safely, and accessing information more quickly. Network storage technology is the key technology to solve these problems.

8. Network application technology

The network application technology mainly refers to the technology based on the basic transmission support of the network layer such as VoIP, video conferencing, content exchange technology, etc., which relies on TCP / IP network technology.

Main technologies used in system integration

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