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Low platform balers, strapping machine pictures, parameters, prices - Zhengzhou Yuxiang low Taiwan baler, semi-automatic strapping machine, carton wrapping machine, wooden box strapping machine. Henan Zhengzhou Yuxiang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the baler, bundle Charter, strapping, wrapping machine design, production and sales. The KZ900 high-profile semi-automatic strapping machine, KZ900L low-table semi-automatic strapping machine, manual fused strapping machine and other products are guaranteed for quality assurance.

Kz900 low-level baler uses polyethylene plastic tape as the tying material, mainly used in commerce, postal, railway, banking, food, medicine, books, publications, and other industries. Carton, wooden box, paper package, willow box, cloth bag Pieces of packaging tied. After inserting the packaging tape, the machine can automatically complete the belt, shutter, heat seal, cut off and out of the belt, and is equipped with automatic shutdown function. Work speed, high efficiency, save time and effort, high quality packaging.
Basic product parameters:
Product Name: KZ900L Low Bench Semi-automatic Strapping Machine Power: 220V250W
Power supply: 220V50Hz±10%
Strapping speed: 1.6SEC/STRAP
Machine weight: 80kg
Overall size:940620X580mm
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