Low-carbon life green collar hipster makeup bag "big slimming"

Want to be the current green leader? Let us first calculate how much money is spent on a large number of makeup and skin care products every month, and how much cosmetic waste is produced each month? In the face of global environmental degradation, protecting human living environment has become a global trend. As one of the fashion symbols, cosmetics are also developing in this environmental trend. We strongly promote organic and green, and reduce the impact of raw materials on the environment. It has become one of the environmental guidelines for the recognition of cosmetics ! It's time to let your cosmetics on the dresser start to slim down!

? mascara

Mascara is one of the indispensable tools in make-up , but it is turned around every day. The number of times it is opened every day is actually speeding up the drying of mascara, especially the long mascara, because it adds speed to the fiber. The speed of drying. Many girls will change a mascara in a month, which is very wasteful. In fact, the dried mascara can be sprayed on the brush head with a spray of hair care (do not use water) and then transferred into the mascara, so that the dried mascara will be diluted, extending the life of the use.

? Lipstick

If you are not used to makeup makeup every day, I suggest you wear a lipstick. Lipsticks are generally brightly colored and can be tried to be used as a blush. How to use: Use lipstick to draw a few laps on the palm of your hand, then apply it to your cheeks with a gentle tapping, that is, where the cheeks are raised, so that even the blush brush can be saved. Also take care to avoid using a large red lipstick, which is too stiff.


Girls who like make-up wear the most powdery cakes every day. They are used to modify the skin color in the morning and to make up the makeup during the day. Such close friends have become a tool that many girls frequently consume. Many of the puffs that have been thrown away are all covered with foundation, and the rest are the same as the new ones. So, prepare a bottle of puff cleaning solution. Not only can he often cleanse your puffs, but also save money on buying new puffs. Remember not to use washing liquid laundry detergent or cleaning spirit, to prevent chemical residues harm to the skin composition.

Eye shadow

No eyeliner? It does not matter - dark eye shadow can be an emergency, it can become a very good build smoky makeup cosmetics, not only outline the contours of the eye, can draw more natural soft liner. So, when there is a dark shadow that has been abandoned, change the usage and let him be the hot makeup around you.

? Use organic ingredients

A serious choice for every cosmetic is the beginning of saving the planet. Nowadays, more and more brands have begun to recognize the environmental guidelines for cosmetics. Kate's skin care products, Natto Nature&Co, use organic and natural ingredients in cosmetics to ensure that their products decompose naturally during use and after use, while avoiding environmental and human harm caused by chemical synthetic substances. Waste discharge in the manufacture of such chemically synthesized products is also avoided. In addition, organic and natural ingredients are derived from nature, do not bring trace amounts of harmful substances produced by the body due to industrial synthesis, are safe for the skin, and effectively reduce the diseases caused by cosmetics on the human body. Therefore, you should try to choose products that contain natural organic ingredients, or choose products that contain higher levels of these ingredients.

? Recyclable packaging materials

Do you know the "green" packaging? At present, "low carbon" is increasingly valued by the cosmetics industry. Some organic plant cosmetic brands also use recyclable packaging to prevent cosmetic packaging materials from becoming unusable or non-renewable. This can reduce the harmful substances generated during the production of packaging materials, and also reduce the environmental problems caused by the contaminated land and water sources brought by the packaging materials after use.

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