Like the beauty who just bathed, powder snow

Many of my friends immediately felt very fast when they talked about skiing. They were extremely dangerous when they folded their arms and legs. They really didn't understand skiing! The highest realm of skiing is powder snow. "Powder Day No Friends, No Family." It sounds very selfish, only to play for myself, not even my wife and friends, it is really embarrassing. Hahaha, this is the charm of pink snow.

The so-called powder snow is,

No one who has just been slid over,

Slippery sound,

Splashed like white sugar,

After a fall, at least one snow pit will not hurt.

The snowboard will go on snow when it's skating fast.

Once the speed is slow, the snow will go to your knees.

You can also splash your face with snowflakes.

So, how can you assess the powder snow that just plunged earlier than your friends? Regardless of how attractive the fresh powder snow is, remember safety first. Let your off-road wild snow become your learning class. When you are on the route to the mountain or decide on the path of decline, don’t be too impulsive. Don’t be overwhelmed by the powder snow and cause your loved ones to worry about injuries. If you don't slip on this time, there will be another time that you will still be recognized by the fact that you can slip into pink snow. If you can't find it, you can ask for an experienced skid steer. The following is a specific small TIPS, learn it quickly.

â–¼1 Don't go to what's great about yesterday, it's too late, you have lost your chance.

â–¼2 Choose the direction of the slope you plan to slide. North slope or south slope? The temperature is not low enough, whether it can also be sun glides to get powder snow.

â–¼3 Are you prepared to slide high altitudes or drill lows? If the weather is cold and the snow is thick enough, you must first slide the trees. Not only for safety, but also good snow quality, to know where the low altitude is always the first time that snow is affected by the temperature and become softer and softer. Also, according to personal preferences, the deepest snow in the woods is the most enjoyable.

â–¼4 Wind direction (where the wind blows): Where is the most likely snow? If you can find the right slope, location and good snow, stay there and don't move, and slip every inch of the place there is no touch.

â–¼5 Never divulge your secrets to others. If you have found some great routes that others rarely go to, try to be as ambiguous as possible after the ski party. Otherwise, wait till the next powder snow day before you know that it has been slipped into a mushroom field. If you want to send pictures or videos, try to be as concise as possible in terms of geographic location, say in a safe place that everyone knows.

â–¼6 Try to keep your team lean and only slide with one or two friends. This way you will be quick and effective, and your little secret will be safe.

â–¼7 Be cautious when choosing your partner for powder snow. Never plan your line and actions with those who may drag you back. Just ignore the information from the phone and pretend your phone is dead.

â–¼8 Try to catch up early. If you are on the first cable car, slide the main line underneath the cable car: it is the place that is most likely to be taken advantage of. If you don't catch the first bus, go straight to the second route you planned in advance. Those who slide past the first line are preparing to slide it for the third time. Take precautions.

â–¼9 early slip early work. The first person who strives to be the first cable car, desperately slides until your legs get sore that they can't move any longer, and then it's time to get the job done. (unless you are a robot)

â–¼10 Snow powder is a very serious matter. If you are not prepared enough for study beforehand, you may not be able to slide in good snow all day. Or if you are too troublesome and do not want to spend your brain planning, preferring not to care for a good day's snow and willing to slide at night, then you simply spend money and ask a guide to take you through the roads that you cannot find on your own.

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