Lack of standards, low recovery of beer bottles in Russia

All beer brewers believe that the use of uniform standard bottles allows all beer brewing companies to reuse packages, saving both time and waste. Antonov exemplifies: "All beer manufacturers in Germany use the same bottle for canning. In Switzerland, children are dipping aluminum cans, so Switzerland has become the world's largest country in recycling aluminum packaging."

Russian brewers recommend the introduction of uniform beer and beverage bottles. Vladimir Antonov, general manager of "Okakowo" beer company, said: "We made a request to the Brewing Federation for the use of reusable packaging."

Antonov said that in Russia, every manufacturer puts beer into his own bottle. The recycling and recycling of wine bottles are very few. Some of the reusable bottles are used in cheap varieties. Antonov reminded that there was a standard in the Soviet era that 94% of the packaging of beer brewing companies was recycled, and only 6% of the bottles used new bottles.

However, during the Soviet era, the price of all beer bottles was very high. The price of "Nigu Li" brand beer is 37 kopecks, and the recycling price of the bottle reached 12 kopecks. Also return the three empty bottles, and add another one kopeck for a new bottle of beer. Nowadays, the price of a more popular Russian beer is about 25 rubles. In this case, the recycle bin recycles the glass bottles, and each empty bottle is given a different recycling price of 20 to 80 gebies depending on the shape of the bottles. If this is the case, if the bottle is calculated at 20 kopecks per bottle, 125 empty bottles must be returned for a new bottle of beer.

If the recycling of empty bottles is organized at a reasonable price, it is likely to produce good results. Antonov said: "This is an extremely important task. To achieve this, only the government can achieve it. I think the beer federation should consider our proposal."

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