Is your skin showing signs of aging?

Is your skin aging? The following seven signals may help you identify the problem, and then prescribe the right medicine to stop the skin from aging.

1. Acne is produced near the chin, and it lasts for a month.

I used to have a acne before I used it. It would be good for two or three days. But now, not only do I use the acne products to open the bow, but I have to wait at least a week to watch it slowly disappear. The reason is simple, your skin's anti-irritation and self-healing properties are decreasing. During the day, the skin's energy is placed against the external environment. Only at night, the skin will be unloaded and repaired quietly. At this time, the skin's own repair function can't solve the damage from the day. Although the damage caused by these injuries will not be seen for a while, but after 25 years old, you must use the skin to restore self-healing. Functional product.

2, even if sleep enough, dark circles can not be eliminated

If you still feel that after all night, as long as you can sleep for 12 hours, dark circles can disappear, it is a big mistake! For you after the age of 25, this situation has long been gone. A good rest is of course the primary measure to reduce dark circles. However, the formation of dark circles is caused by long-term poor blood circulation and reduced metabolism of the skin, which causes melanin to gradually deposit on the skin, so that the entire skin around the eyes is carried. brown. Therefore, if you sleep for 12 hours, or use the concealer products, if you do not fundamentally improve skin metabolism, you will still be helpless.

3, the pores are slowly moving to the sides of the cheek

Before the age of 25, you are still the object of envy. After the age of 25, the praise you hear is getting less and less. When you look in the mirror, you will be scared to find that the thick pores have quietly occupied your original delicate cheeks, and the area shows an expansion trend... Perhaps this time You are still obsessed with the pores caused by oily skin. In fact, when we can feel the elasticity of the skin is no longer full, the pores have already sent out a distress signal.

4, the mirror is placed flat on the table, the face shape and the normal mirror have obvious changes

Let us take a small test for 30 seconds: pick up a mirror, first look at yourself in the mirror, this is you now; then look up at the mirror at a 45° angle, this is 10 years ago; Down 45°, you look down at you after 10 years. You in the mirror, there is no wrinkles, why do you look older? The answer is relaxation! It has changed your facial contours unconsciously.

In addition to the wrinkles of fine lines, the sagging feeling of the skin is the key to a woman's old age. It seems that the double chin and the cheeks of the cheeks are helpless. It takes 10 to 15 years for the loose skin to develop. The skin is drooping. Faces with sagging skin are prone to wrinkles.

5, the expression lines appearing when laughing, will not be eliminated in a short time

Looking at the mirror at a close distance, if there are fine lines on the corners of the eyes and the mouth, it is necessary to be vigilant. This is a sign of local aging of the skin. These parts are often involved in facial expressions. Younger skin, after careful maintenance of fine lines, will quickly recover, but as the age increases, the elasticity and firmness of the skin are far less than before, and the fine lines slowly It became wrinkles.

6, the pleats on the pillow remain on the face for a long time to disappear

In a newborn baby, the skin is as elastic as a rubber band, and it can be restored immediately after pulling hard. Our skin is constantly being pulled by various movements every day, and with the increase of age, external pressure, etc., the internal collagen and elastic fibers are damaged, the number of fibers is reduced, and the regeneration ability is slowed down. The appearance is that the skin loses its elasticity. Over time, you will find that your skin is no longer so tight, and even after getting up in the morning, the traces on your face will follow you from the beginning to the company.

7, the skin is often oily when changing seasons or sultry but still feels dry and incomparable

I believe that many people will focus on the use of a lot of essence or focus on fine lines. In fact, research shows that water reduction is one of the main sources of skin aging, whether the cells are full and rich, and the skin is smooth and tender. Whether it is crystal clear... depends on whether the moisture in the skin is full. As the age increases, the amount of natural moisturizing factor in the stratum corneum of the skin decreases, resulting in a decrease in the hydration ability of the skin, which is only 75% of normal skin. This adds to the degree of dryness of the skin.

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