Introduction of UV printing iron and ink

1. The UV ink technology was first developed by the United States. It has only been applied to printing in China for more than a decade. Such as offset printing, pad printing, embossing, etc. In terms of printing iron, it has not yet been popularized and is in use, which is the trend of future development.

Second, the advantages of UV ink and its economic and social benefits

1. Environmental protection and non-toxic. UV inks are solvent inks that do not emit any pollutants, reducing atmospheric pollution and improving the working conditions of operators.

2. Energy saving. In the single-sheet metal printing, the drying of ink requires a lot of heat energy (coal consumption, oil consumption, power consumption), and UV curing ink does not need heating, instant radiation can complete curing, saving energy.

3. Save workshops. In traditional metal printing, the oven is generally 30-40m long and 5m high, while the UV curing device only needs to be 5m long and 2m high, and the power consumption is only 36 kilowatts, saving space, improving production efficiency, and improving production management. condition.

4. Fast fixation speed. The printed iron sheet can be cured in an instant, the baking and drying process is omitted, and the continuous overprinting is adapted to improve the production capacity.

5. Improve product quality. In the iron printing process, since the printing process does not go through the iron frame, it can be eradicated mechanically. In addition, without thermal baking, the degree of discoloration of the ink (discoloration at high temperature), dust absorption, etc. are reduced.

3. The drying principle of UV ink

Using ultraviolet light irradiation, the photosensitive material molecules are decomposed to form highly activated atoms or highly activated atomic groups. These highly activated atoms and atomic groups cause the organic compounds containing unsaturated bonds to induce a series of photo-initiated chain reactions, and finally achieve molecular cross-linking polymerization curing and drying purpose.

The drying of UV ink is a photochemical process. The speed of light is 3 × 10 km / s. The time for initiating chemical bonding is only a few percent. The printing speed of more than 5000 sheets / hour does not affect the curing fastness.

The photochemical reaction is different from the thermal reaction. The activation energy of the thermal reaction comes from the collision of molecules, which is longer, and the activation energy of the photochemical reaction comes from the light energy.

4. The composition of UV iron printing ink:

Imported photo-curing resin is used to add photo-initiator, photosensitizer, surfactant, pigment, monomer, etc.

5. The production process of UV iron printing ink is the same as that of traditional iron printing ink.

Usage of UV iron printing ink:

1. Blending of ink. Light solid inks can be blended with each other, but not with general inks. When the original ink is replaced with a solid ink, it should be washed before printing.

2. Wash the ink. Special products for light-solid inks for cleaning solvents. In the middle of printing, if the cleaning solvent remains on the ink roller, blanket and water roller, it will cause the poor drying of the ink and the poor ink, so it should be completely removed.

3. The rubber roller of the printing machine needs to use UV special or dual-purpose rubber roller. In the short version printing, the PS version is directly on the machine. If there are about 3000 or more printed products, the PS version can pass through the traditional drying room 160 degrees-180 degrees Baked version. Make it more resistant to printing.

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