Hunan Industry and Commerce Notices Furniture Unqualified List

The aldehyde exceeded the standard has always been the ills of wooden furniture. On October 30, Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the “Notice of Commodity Quality Inspection in the Circulation Sector in the Third Quarter of 2013”. A product of the Ou Rui Furniture Co., Ltd. of Xingli Group was not released due to formaldehyde. In line with the standards, it is on the quality black list.
Xingli Group Ou Rui furniture formaldehyde exceeded the standard
It is reported that the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a notice saying that Hunan's industrial and commercial enterprises have collected 44 sets of furniture samples from the distribution units in Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan and Yiyang for testing, 36 qualified and 8 unqualified. Among them, the wardrobe with the nominal trademark “Xingli”, the model specification is “OF9175-ME”, the production date is “2013”, and the nominal production enterprise is “Shenzhen Fashion Ou Rui Furniture Co., Ltd.” does not meet the formaldehyde emission. The standard regulations are judged as substandard products.

In the industry, Hong Kong Xingli Furniture Group has a profound background and is the first Shenzhen furniture company listed in Hong Kong. It owns many well-known furniture brands such as Ou Rui. Its official website shows that in 2001, Hong Kong Xingli Group became the first elected president of the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association. In 2003, it was the vice chairman unit of the China Furniture Association. In 2008, it was integrated as the vice president unit of the China National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce. Song Qiqing, Chairman and CEO of the Group, is the vice president of the Furniture and Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Today, many of the honors behind the aura are trapped in the “formaldehyde door”, and the main fashion of Ou Rui Furniture ignores the most important environmental indicators of the product, due to formaldehyde. The release is not up to standard and boarded the quality blacklist.
What is even more puzzling is that the brand name of this wardrobe product that was unqualified is “Xingli”, the manufacturer is “Shenzhen Fashion Ou Rui Furniture Co., Ltd.”, and the sales place is “Yiyang City, Heshan District Silver”. The storefront of the Gujia Home on the second floor of the urban area D. Why was the Ou Rui furniture sampled in the Gujia home store, and what is the “identity” of Ou Rui Furniture in the store of Yiyang Gujia Home for sale to consumers?
Ou Rui furniture staff said "no recognition, not clear"
With many questions, the staff of China Quality Miles Bank called Ou Rui Furniture of Hong Kong Xingli Furniture Group. Ms. Zhou, the staff of the General Manager Office, said that “the unqualified one is an ordinary five-door wardrobe and the raw material is MDF.” Is the unqualified product still on sale? Ms. Zhou said that “some dealers are still selling”. What causes the formaldehyde emission of this wardrobe product not to meet the standard? Ms. Zhou also said that "it is not clear, is re-examination, did not recognize the amount of formaldehyde emission, so I can't answer."
In the face of such a statement, more is speechless, and the latter reflects the indifference of the company's product quality and consumer rights. After that, he contacted Ms. Zhong, the person in charge of Ou Rui Furniture General Manager Office, and the relevant person in charge of Xingli Furniture Group, but none of them answered.
The quality of furniture formaldehyde is not optimistic
Recently, from the spot checks of the industrial and commercial and quality inspection departments, the formaldehyde emission of furniture exceeded 30%, and why is the “formaldehyde exceeding the standard” repeatedly prohibited?
The Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau once analyzed that the main reason for the excessive formaldehyde is that the manufacturers used unqualified wood-based panels and inferior adhesives to reduce costs.
Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that the quality supervision department will use an indicator to balance the formaldehyde emission of furniture products. Exceeding this indicator is exceeding the standard. "But a product exceeding the standard does not mean that a batch of plates exceeds the standard, producing furniture and production. Different foods, raw materials such as furniture production plates are not completely unified. If one of the batches of plates is not strictly tested, the formaldehyde content will be slipped into the production workshop, and the products produced may have excessive formaldehyde. At the same time, he also said that Ou Rui Furniture, as a sub-brand of Hong Kong Xingli Group, should reflect and check the excessive formaldehyde standards. “This large enterprise must strictly screen each batch of raw materials and strengthen management to prevent formaldehyde from exceeding the standard at the source. ". More news on Xianghe Furniture City

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