How to ensure the data security of the drug electronic supervision code


Most drug package printing companies are concerned with the quality and quality of the electronic code of the drug, and the most concerned about the security of the data itself. Then, how to ensure the data security of the drug electronic supervision code in the code process? The author's specific solutions are as follows for your reference.

Process control

My company's drug electronic supervision code transmission process is: customer → customer service → drug electronic supervision code commissioner → production coding → production full inspection, each process has a strict detection process and authority management.

First, the customer sends the electronic code of the drug supervision code to the customer service by mail. The customer service detects the data through special software, and detects whether the electronic code of the drug has a code and a number of digit errors. After the test is normal, the electronic code of the drug is obtained. Add a number to the folder and send this folder to a specific shared folder. Secondly, the drug electronic supervision code specialist collects the required data in the shared folder and uses the software to detect it. After the detection is correct, the construction order code data is generated and the confirmation form is handed over. On the confirmation form, there is an electronic supervision of the batch of orders. The full value of the code, the drug electronic supervision code commissioner to this document and confirmation form to the production coding and production inspection process. Finally, the code captain confirms the electronic regulatory code of the obtained drug according to the confirmation sheet, and uses the software to perform online testing before the formal production. After the test is completed, normal production can be started, and the production inspection code is connected to the supervision code. A full inspection of the formed kit, if there is a re-code or illegal code, the product is removed.

2. Control point

In the entire process of electronic drug regulatory code assignment, each handover link must have a password or signature confirmation control point, and the handover receipt must be based on the data detected by the software. At the same time, in the actual production process, our company has authorized the management of the drug electronic supervision code. The password is only available to the supervisor. Each order must be reviewed by the supervisor before it can be produced.

In addition, the function of the equipment should be improved by introducing more advanced equipment and upgrading equipment in time to accurately detect and eliminate the electronic regulatory code of drugs. Therefore, our company's requirements for equipment suppliers are that the equipment can accurately detect and eliminate products with incorrect data. It also hopes that the equipment's code system can bring its own rights management function to ensure the accuracy of data input.

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