How to distinguish pu leather from pvc leather

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The difference between PVC artificial leather and PU synthetic leather can be distinguished by the method of gasoline soaking. The method is to use a small piece of fabric, put it in gasoline for half an hour, and then take it out. If it is PVC artificial leather, it will become hard. It becomes brittle, and if it is PU synthetic leather, it will not become hard and become brittle.

PVC artificial leather generally has a poor bottom, while PU synthetic leather has a denser bottom. PVC artificial leather has a foam layer, while PU is a pulp and cloth bottom. It can also be distinguished by fire, because PVC is toxic and not environmentally friendly. The material is so black, and the PU is environmentally friendly, so the smoke is white. There is also one of the most straightforward and simple ways: lightly scratch the PVC leather with your fingers, the surface is scratched and difficult to remove, PU leather should not be scratched Traces, even if they are touched by hard objects, the surface of the leather is gently rubbed by hand, and the scratches will gradually disappear.

Plastic Film include PE, PVC, PEVA material, all film have no poison, no smell, no pollution, high transparency and luster, we adopt calender and extrude techniques. The width is 400-1400mm, and the length can be customized. According to different material have different uses, e.g. are often applied to Raincoat, baby diapers, Shower Curtain, table cloth, inflatable toys material.

Plastic Film

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