Highlight the personal style of luxury European villa decoration

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Many people like to use European decoration to show their style and noble quality of life when decorating villas. European style villa decoration can be said to be a symbol of noble quality of life. Today we will come together to see how European style decoration can be integrated into modern home life.

European-style living room

European decoration

The living room decoration in this European decoration renderings, the overall layout is elegant, the golden chandeliers are simple and smooth, and the European style fabric soft decoration will bring the living room decoration just right and the simple atmosphere of the living room furniture, showing a luxurious retro style.

European-style bedroom

Home culture

The European-style decoration effect of the villa, the overall color of the bedroom is consistent with the living room, so that the whole home has a harmonious beauty, the atmosphere of the brown solid wood bed, with exquisite bedside carving, appearing in the light yellow warm space The atmosphere and the heavy, the curtains around the walls of the bedroom have a symmetrical aesthetic, making the entire European-style bedroom layered and patchwork.

European-style study

European decoration

The European-style study in this villa has abandoned the European-style luxury decoration, using the reasonable color matching to express the European-style gorgeous and elegant color, using modern style furniture to decorate the color with the European decoration to create a quality reading work field. .

European-style bathroom

Home culture

In this European-style decoration renderings, the design of the bathroom is also indispensable for European decoration. The luxurious bathtub gives you a noble and comfortable bathing experience. The reddish-brown wall with yellow window ribs is both simple and elegant.

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