High pressure up to 200PSI PEAK new vertical pump 1020 yuan read more>>

PEAK new vertical pump up to 200PSITO

This PEAK2012 new vertical pump adopts the latest CNC material aluminum alloy, elegant and modern combination of vertical pump, the base is very spacious, when used, the operation is very smooth, the internal pressure up to 200PSI, very suitable for high pressure requirements Tires. ThreadLock lock nozzle heads are compatible with American and French nozzles. In terms of stability, this new PEAK2012 vertical pump uses an aluminum base to provide the best stability. The extended braided tubing material can be easily fixed to any type of nozzle you need. In addition, this upright pump is not very heavy and it is convenient to carry. The current online price is 1020 yuan.

PEAK new vertical pump up to 200PSI

PEAK new vertical pump up to 200PSI

Oversized bottom fixed tire pressure gauge

Gas nozzle design

All aluminum alloy cylinder

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