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Since its establishment, Gujia Home has been specialized in the research and development of living room and bedroom home products. Today, Gujia stores have spread all over the world. Not only have many stores in China, but also have a perfect sales network abroad. If you are in China, you can learn about Gu's products without leaving home. The best way is to go to the official website of Gu's sofa to learn more about the latest sofa.

The address of Gujia sofa's official website is: http: //

You can see various types of sofas at a glance on the Gujia sofa official website, including leather sofas, semi-leather sofas, and many fabric sofas. If you want a noble and textured sofa, then the leather sofa is your best choice. If you want to create a warm home atmosphere, then the fabric sofa is the first choice, and the cost performance of the fabric sofa is still quite high.

If you have chosen the product, or have a general direction in mind, you can then make a decision. At present, the most convenient Gujia sofa flagship store is the Tmall flagship store. The URL is:

Everyone should remember these two websites so that you can easily make orders and purchase when needed.

Summary: Many people say that Gu's sofas are very expensive, but in fact they are different, it is based on the material. Generally, the cost of a full leather sofa is higher, and the price is generally more expensive. It's not the same. Despite its excellent workmanship and high-quality fabrics, the price is not high. Fabric sofas are the king of cost performance. Which one you want to buy, you still have to go to the official website of Gujia sofa and the flagship store of Gujia sofa to take a good look.

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Laser jet printer

Laser jet printer uses software to deflect laser beam and directly burns the surface of the product to be marked by laser at high temperature to form fonts or patterns.

The advantages of laser jet printer are as follows:

1. Reduce production costs, reduce consumables and improve production efficiency.

2. Anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious. Laser code-jet technology can effectively inhibit the counterfeiting of product identification.

3. It is helpful for product tracking record. Laser jet printer can print out the batch date and shift of the product. It can make every product get good tracking performance.

4. Increasing the added value can make the product look better. Promote the brand awareness of products.

5. The equipment is reliable, the Laser Marking Machine has mature industrial design, stable and reliable performance, can work 24 hours continuously, and the laser maintenance-free time is more than 20,000 hours. Temperature adaptability range is wide (5 - 45 C), which is widely used in various industries in the field of production and packaging.

6. Environmental protection and safety. Laser typewriters do not produce any chemicals harmful to human body and environment. It meets GB7247-87 and GB10320-88 standards. It is an environmental-friendly high-tech product.

7. Laser jet printer can print a large amount of data in a very small range. Laser can mark the product material with very fine beam. The printing accuracy is very high, the control is accurate, the content of jet printing is clearly and perfectly interpreted. It has strong market competitiveness, environmental protection and safety, without any corrosiveness, and completely isolates chemistry. Pollution is also a kind of intimate protection for operators, which ensures the cleanliness and tidiness of the production site, reduces the investment in the later period, and reduces noise pollution.

Human beings have reached an unprecedented height in their understanding of environmental protection and effective utilization of resources. It has become the consensus of developed countries and most developing countries, including China, to eliminate the backward equipment and production processes that cause environmental pollution and waste of resources to the greatest extent. Because the dot matrix ink typewriter has four difficult problems: high pollution, high consumables, high failure and high maintenance, which can not be overcome. Especially the chemical pollution caused by dot matrix ink typewriter in use can cause harm to the environment and operators.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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