Furniture companies stealing the concept of "low carbon" environmental protection is not equal to low carbon

The furniture industry has emerged as a new concept called “low carbon manufacturing” and “low carbon manufacturing”. “Low carbon manufacturing” is the development of energy in a rational way and the efficient use and use of resources in advanced ways. Its purpose is to reduce energy consumption, improve material utilization, reduce waste and waste emissions, and maximize the quantity and value of output at the same time when resources consumption is relatively constant.
The use of materials that meet environmental requirements to produce products that do not harm consumers is the bottom line guarantee for the quality of products and the basic responsibility that companies must shoulder. The "low carbon" emphasized by industrial development is a great environment designed to protect human existence, a respect for ecology, and a protection for nature. Therefore, the environmental protection of furniture products is only to solve the quality problems of furniture products, and has nothing to do with the "low carbon" of the furniture industry itself. It is irresponsible for enterprises to use the environmentally friendly materials to scream "low carbon" and steal the concept of "low carbon".
The supplier of materials is the upstream enterprise of furniture manufacturing. The environmental protection and low carbon of materials is the responsibility of the upstream enterprises in the manufacturing process. The application of harmless materials is the obligation of our furniture manufacturing industry, and it is the responsibility of consumers.
The technical level of manufacturing enterprises in industrial production is the ultimate standard for measuring “low-carbon manufacturing”. Enterprises cannot use the concept of environmentally-friendly product confusion as “low-carbon”. The “low-carbon economy” emphasizes environmental protection as a sustainable economic order, a rational development and effective use of energy, an environmentally balanced environmental protection, and a process of human consciousness, attitude, and behavior. It is the responsibility of people to society, and the responsibility to all mankind is people's values ​​and worldview. Inefficient and backward ways, no matter how environmentally friendly the products are, they have nothing to do with the true meaning of “low carbon”. They can only be self-hyped by the concept of fashion.
In addition, for the manufacturing industry, “low carbon” refers to the control and grasp of each link in the design and production process, so that it can maximize the material utilization rate and output at the same time. Maximize efficiency while minimizing waste pollution and harmful emissions. Improving the technical means of industrial design and applying advanced scientific production methods is the way to solve the "low carbon". No low-carbon manufacturing, why come low-carbon products!

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